Potluck with the baes


I missed my besties from JC! 

It seemed just like yesterday when we did crazy stuff together and teased each other over little things. 

I still recall us slapping our wet palms after toilet breaks on each others' backs, laughing about weird SAT vocabulary like "Schadenfreude" and "moribund", and having little mugging sessions after PE lessons in the "Green box" outside our homeroom at Block A.

It's regrettable that university life has deprived us of frequent meet ups, so this was only our second gathering with full attendance since we started uni. 

I was the first to reach Stef's house (to drop off my pizza, in case the food got contaminated during my visit to SGH to meet up with Dr Chow). The loooooong walk in never felt so time-consuming. I was literally melting under the hot afternoon sun. Till now, I can't believe I walked along that path thrice in a single day!

While waiting for the rest to get there, I was busy stalking Stef's cats, Max and Pippin. 

Max loves chewing on correction tape. He even tried pulling it out of the trash bin... -.-

"Am I a model yet?" - Max

"Leave me alone while I go into zen mode in the bag..." - Max

We tried watching The Exorcist but the plot was so slow we gave up after a while...

"Put me down, you annoying human" - Pippin.

Finally, everyone (except Jia Qi) reached and there's my perfect chance to take an Instagram-worthy pic!

My homemade pizza, Claud's blueberry muffins, Chen Ting's Choc Ganache Tart with Meringue, Stef's chicken wings and Jollibean pancakes, and Jes' super healthy 0-sugar, 0-calories tea (THANK YOU JES! You made me feel less guilty about indulging myself on food that day.) Jia Qi wasn't here yet, so we couldn't take a pic with her mee goreng...

Anyway, it was all pretty tasty. Our dinner conversation somehow veered into strange territories, as we talked about meningitis, bird poop, bull elephant stories (that seemed like it was another one of these touching stories about human-animal love but ended up with an anticlimactic death) and human centipedes. Haha. I can't believe I missed getting suaned by them too (I must be a little masochistic.)

Post-dinner, we were too full to do anything else, so we played Dai di for a while. I guess my fengshui sucked since I dropped from Queen to Asshole... and ended up there for the last few games. I WANT TO CALL FOR A REVOLUTION! I WANT A REMATCH! >____< hahaha. I'm going to hone my Dai di skills before our next meet up!

Claud the selfie pro! 

It was pretty late when we left, and we were too tired to walk all the way back out again, so we decided to place our lives in Stef's hands for her to drive us out. Thank goodness we reached the MRT station safe and sound. >.<

<3 our meet ups and I really look forward to our next gathering! 

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