Recipe: Quiche-in-a-mug


Exam period - cue panda eyes, cranky moods and acne outbreaks.

I can barely find enough time to catch up on my sleep but my cheese cravings are back again. How now brown cow?

Time to whip up a cheesy quiche dish within 5 minutes.


- 1 egg
- Grated cheese
- 1/4 shallot
- 1 crabmeat stick
- Sweet corn
- Sliced cabbage
- Sliced shrimps
- Bread crumbs
- Spring onion (for garnishing)
- Salt and pepper


1. Tear bread into tiny crumb-like pieces.

2. Mix all ingredients together in a mug. Add salt and pepper to your liking.

3. Ensure the ingredients fill up to 3/4 of the mug and nothing beyond (or your microwave oven would resemble the site of a volcano eruption.)

4. Place the mug in oven and set the timer for 4 minutes.

5. Garnish with spring onions.

6. Tuck in!

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