Wildfire Kitchen + Bar


A spontaneous brunch outing led Stef and me to a row of cafes and restaurants along Botanic Gardens, right beside NUS Law's campus. 

Originally, our intention was to grab a quick bite at The Wine Company but since it was early (they weren't opened yet) and Assembly Coffee was closed (on a Monday), we decided to enter Wildfire Kitchen + Bar instead.

At 11am, it was rather empty. I love the homely vibes that this place exudes with its warm wooden hues and yellow lighting. The music was also pretty unobtrusive, noticeable, but not too loud to distract you from your conversations. 

Though there was an outdoor seating area, we preferred being in the air-conditioned comforts of the indoor dining area. 

I had a sudden craving for poached eggs that day, but it just wasn't my day. First, the server told me that Wildfire didn't have Eggs Benedict. Then, when I changed my order to Swiss Rosti, I had to change my choice of eggs from poached to scrambled once again. 

Stef ordered a Crunchy Brioche French Toast with crushed cornflakes, natural yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, honey roasted walnuts and maple chantilly cream. 

The toast was really thick and we enjoyed the crisp outer layer with the maple syrup the most. The inside was rather fluffy but it got a little too bland for us after the first few bites. I suppose the greek yogurt (unsweetened), berries and nuts made it a healthier breakfast alternative. 

A close-up of my Rosti.

I got myself the house made rosti with sour cream, scrambled eggs, salad tomato chutney and Kurobuta Toulouse pork sausage. The rosti definitely tasted better than Marche's for it was crispy and well-flavoured, but it wasn't held together as well. It disintegrated the moment I tried sticking my fork into it. I would say that their scrambled eggs were done to a nice consistency, so even though it isn't exactly a perfect replacement for poached eggs, it was close enough to satisfy my tummy. The tomato chutney was decent and the and sausage was surprisingly nice, with a subtle black pepper taste. I'm not a fan of the baby spinach though.

We added another side of umami fries. I didn't manage to snap a picture of our fries, so here's how it looked like (photo courtesy of Burpple) The "secret umami dust" reminded me of McDonald's shaker fries' powder. It had a nice earthy truffle-like smell to it, and little sprinklings of seaweed, anchovies, bonito flakes and kombu. They were pretty generous in scattering the umami powder on the crisp fries. I have to admit I love their fries. Who cares about calorie restrictions when you get to eat such heavenly fries?

Food took around 10-15 minutes to be served. Service was quite alright too. One great thing about Wildfire is that you can get your own water and extra condiments from their dispensers near the entrance. 

Overall, it wasn't too expensive. Expected damage would be around $20-25 per pax. Rather decently priced, I would say. It's a great place for catch-ups, chill-outs and cosy little gatherings. :)

26 Evans Road Singapore 259367
Opens daily from 11am - 10.30pm

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