Hangzhou Adventures - Part 4


All the time-travel dramas like 步步惊心, 神话 and 宫锁珠帘 piqued my interest in China's history... (Well, to be honest, I was bought over by the gorgeous costumes)

The Song Dynasty Theme park is the largest theme park based on the Song Dynasty (AD 960 - 1279)  and it is a tribute to the golden age, where China was at the cutting edge of the world's economic development, science, technology and culture. Once you step foot into the park, it was as if you had entered the actual Song Dynasty.

At least I get to pretend-穿越 (time-travel)!

Their tagline: "Give me a day, and I'll return you a thousand years."

The only thing that doesn't match the surroundings would be my dress style. (and the random tourists in the background). All shops, restaurants, bridges are done up to replicate those in the Song Dynasty. Even the shopowners dress up to match the theme!

Anyone fancies some huge paus? 

Now, who wants to bet? A hundred taels? 

If I were born then, I might have ended up like this Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor. The sole phrase I keep hearing in dramas would be, "恭喜夫人,这可是喜脉呀!" (roughly translated to be: Congratulations Madam, you're pregnant!)

How they used to brew their medicine then...

Waters, bridges and riverside buildings. 

The "Wishing Bridge", where visitors could hang charms and ribbons with their dreams written on them. It's somewhat similar to love locks on Pont des Arts' bridge.

My sis decided to challenge me to a duel. 

There were more stalls selling little trinkets and street food.

I decided to pass the water-play area since I didn't want to end up soaked. I know my limits. 

Apparently it was also the film site for Angelababy's reality show 奔跑吧,兄弟 (China's version of Running Man).

Throughout the day, there would be mini performances all around the park. This was one of such performances in a "青楼 (brothel)". 

Ahem ahem. I swear it's not really M18. It's quite mild... 

The story tells of Liu Yong, a Chinese poet of the Song Dynasty, and his romantic encounters with his 4 lovers, famed prostitutes of that era. His lovers were his muses, and in turn, he gave them fame through his poems.

One of his lovers was skilled in martial arts. In that time, prostitutes were akin to geishas, and more often than not, talented and intellectual young ladies.

Another performance, this time about 包青天,Justice Bao, a famous government officer in the Song Dynasty who consistently demonstrated honesty, transparency and uprightness. He was a legendary figure well-respected by all for he heard the grievances of the people and was unafraid to punish powerful families.

At the Buddha Cave Exploration and Deity Hill. The sculptures were at least 5 storeys tall!

No, don't be mistaken. This is not the film site for the drama series. 
It is a haunted house... that wasn't too scary. But I did hear screams from the other visitors, and my siblings were grabbing onto my shoulders for their dear lives, so I suppose it's good for scaring people with a low fright threshold! My siblings were so terrified that I had to touch the fake rubber hands sticking out from the walls to reassure them that they won't suddenly grab their legs. 

There was one more haunted house near the entrance but the fear factor for that house was a lot lower. No kick at all. -.-

Barrels upon barrels of wine. 小二,给本公子来壶上好的佳酿!
Doesn't that line sound familiar? Haha.

I could totally pull it off as a calefare in some Chinese drama! Apparently this was the costume of some royal concubine. 

Pfft. Initially I had thought that it was some royal princess costume and I could fulfil my childhood princess dream, like every other bimbotic little girl

A visit to Song Dynasty Theme Park would not be complete without watching the world-famous 宋城千古情 (Romance of the Song Dynasty) performance. It ranks as the top 3 shows in the world, together with Las Vegas' O Show and France's Moulin Rouge. 

The performance has 5 chapters, with the first being the Civilization of Liangzhu. Simply put, it's just a tribe of people in the Neolithic period worshipping the sun and doing some primitive dance in feathery headdresses. 

The second chapter showcases the glory of the Song Empire, with feasting, dancing and celebration in the imperial palaces.

The third chapter tells of the warring history between the Song and Jin people. There were real canon shots, fire, fighting, horses galloping across the stage and fake snow. All hail Yue Fei, the patriotic general!

In the third chapter, we get to know more about the folklores of the West Lake, such as the famous stories of the Lady White Snake and the Butterfly Lovers. I must say that I was extremely impressed by the high tech laser lighting, awesome sound system, splendid costumes, beautiful dance and fight choreographies and extra effects. At one point of the show, it "rained" on stage, and the stage was flooded by both the rain and the artificial waterfalls. Audiences in the front rows would have their platforms shifted to the sides during certain parts of the performance.

This show was undisputedly the highlight of my visit to Song Dynasty Theme Park.

Now, that's one item off my bucket list!

More posts on my holiday coming up soon~

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