Hangzhou Adventures - Part 6


For a short while during my trip, I was away from the city life, without Wifi.

I couldn't imagine life without checking my emails (my inbox was exploding with details on the upcoming conference in August), replying all my Whatsapp messages, and scrolling through my Instagram feed, but I managed it for a few days.

I've never felt as liberated as I did then. Finally I had a legit excuse to not think about my commitments or not fall asleep worrying about the next day's plans.

The tranquil country life made me feel strangely detached from my world, but more in tune with nature. I got used to seeing random hens, ducks and geese waddling across my path, butterflies fluttering around me, and dogs wagging their tails and waiting patiently in front of me whenever it's mealtime. 

Back to basics. 

I had my very first chance of fishing in a stream, skipping stones in the river, and whistling out tunes using bamboo leaves. 

So this was what our grandparents' or parents' childhood was like.

It was amazing how animals don't shy away from humans. I managed to capture this beautiful shot of a butterfly using only my phone camera. 

Perhaps sometimes, we really need a respite. A down time to chillax and unwind. :)

I'm glad I've had mine. 

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