Basically, that sums up everything.

It's not even halfway through July and I'm already physically and mentally drained.

Medicamp was fun. Honestly speaking, I enjoyed interacting with the new M1s. Their vibrancy and enthusiasm made me feel young again. (Not that I'm that old anyway). I'm really glad I've met some sweet juniors, and they were mostly good sports. I'm not that good at making small talk but hey, at least I managed to keep conversations going. :)

Looking back, I realised that planning for Medicamp was a good way for me to forge closer bonds with my batchies too. It's always heartwarming to know that you're not the only saikang warrior stuck slogging your holidays away. 

A group photo of Medicamp Station Games Committee and our station masters + helpful volunteers for Dry Run 1!

I never thought it would be so tough surviving on less than 10 hours of sleep for three whole days. I was running on pure adrenaline and the conviction that our juniors deserved a memorable and medgical Medicamp.

For the first time in my life, I woke up at 2am, got bundled into a bus, and sent to Farrer Park to tie water bombs. So that was how army felt like... 

15,000 water bombs were no joke. Our "War Games Advance Party" members all jokingly said that if we ever get fired from our jobs, we could be professional wanton mee sellers. Just check out the skilled way we tie our water bombs. ;)

Halfway through our shift, we couldn't tank it anymore. Everyone simply flopped down onto our backs on the tarp, and stared blankly at the moonless sky. We tried taking an artistic photo in a circle but apparently it didn't work out. 

At 4am, we went to KK Hospital in hopes of getting an early breakfast but McDonald's wasn't open. Tri, Maddie, Dylen, Jia Wei, Myat, Nat, and I then ended up as hobos, napping on the benches at KKH's waiting area. We must have looked real pathetic then. T___T

Post-breakfast, we had to "migrate" to sleep at the HDB stairwell to seek shelter from the freezing winds and rain. I guess we got majorly judged when an elderly couple tried walking down the stairs, saw us huddling there, and exclaimed, "Aiyo, got people sleeping here leh!" Hopefully we won't end up seeing unglam photos of us floating around the internet. 

So much for naively thinking that "advance party" meant cheering our juniors on at the sidelines while they make their grand entrance into the war games field. :/

The greatest takeaway from camp would be the fact that I actually felt closer to my housemates, and managed to know them a lot better. Thank you all, especially Mon, for making Medicamp a great experience for me! *huggs*

Though I had muscle aches all over, I still went for dance! Joined rag dance auditions for fun (I can't commit to the trainings, but wanted to see how fast I could pick up new choreo), helped for Rag Ops, and still went for Street Jazz classes. 

Clarice's lesson was a lot easier this week, and to quote her, it was "slow and slimy". Haha. What a cute way to describe! Just try listening to "Feenin". The beats in the background were strong, but irregular. I managed to keep up with the steps though. YAY~ 

Right after dance class, Ting En and I were left stranded at Somerset MRT station because of all things, the North South line and East West Line broke down. -.- Thankfully we weren't rushing for time and walked to Dhoby Ghaut. It was a pleasant night stroll, and brought back fond memories of our RGS days. :') 

SMEC meetings are headache-inducing, as usual. There's always this never-ending list of things we have to procure and tasks we have to complete. :( I'll just have to grit my teeth and endure it for a month and a week longer! 頑張って!

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