the shag life.


I dread flipping my calendar to the month of August.

Everything associated with August will remind me that my happy slacker holiday life is over. More rag. SMEC meetings with the Vice-Dean and academic advisors. Briefings. Start of school. Lessons from 8.30 to 5. More work. 


There's still so much I haven't gotten to enjoy!

I haven't had a proper baking session this holiday. 

I haven't met up with my buddies. 

I haven't had enough of my dance classes.

Once school starts, I won't be able to go for dance. :( Thank goodness for our Whatsapp group, so I can still get to watch the OSchool regulars' class videos. But it still sucks not being able to be there physically.

Anyway, I attempted making sushi this week... And it turned out pretty decent. 

Went on a spontaneous lunch date with Jana, and earned loads of calories. >.<

Being the aunty-me, I found out about the Youth Day One-For-One Feesh and Cheese Meal Promotion at The Manhattan Fish Market and dragged Jana along. <3 Student Discounts!

We managed to save some room for llaollao. :)

So there. After so much good food, I suppose it's time to hit the track. T__T 

Someone guilt trip me to work out please. 

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