Jubilee weekend!


SG 50 Jubilee weekend & free/ discounted events sounds like a perfect time for outings, but nuh-uh, bad idea. I should have stayed at home instead.

My poor little siblings were lamenting about being stuck at home and staring at their homework till they had migraines, so I thought that a short day-trip (my treat!) would be a welcome respite for them.

Sentosa seems like an awesome destination... till we saw the crowd.

Free public transport = getting pressed against hordes of people. Imagine being suffocated amidst piles of hot sweaty bodies. URGH. Claustrophobia. :( I requested for permission to drive my sibs to Sentosa but my parents don't trust my driving skills enough. What's the use of a license if you don't get to practise (and I can't get hold of the car keys)? :/

Amazing view. :)

On a side note, I had to try so hard to get a decent picture at the boardwalk without getting photobombed by oblivious passerbys. The extent of the crowd would be exemplified by the ridiculous 2-hour waiting time for the Monorail. Might as well burn some calories and walk across the boardwalk.

When we finally squeezed onto the shuttle and alighted at Siloso Beach, we saw this pretty cool band basking. 

With the blasted sun and long walk to the Sands of Time exhibition, my sibs started whining about the distance... So tempted to just hop onto a buggy. >.<

Finally there.

There were a series of impressive sand art depicting Singapore's history and national identity. 

We were all in awe at the skills of the artists.

Being typical tourists in our own country, we went on for some Luge + skyride fun.

Watch out for these reckless drivers! XD (Not that I was particularly safe either, snapping pictures while holding onto the steering handle single-handedly, and overtaking my sibs.)


The sole advantage of the sky ride is to enjoy the sea breeze. :)

We intended to explore other parts of the island but the dreadful crowds dampened our spirits so much so that all we wanted was to get to a nice, air-conditioned spot near our home to chill and have some ice-cream. 

That cut short our otherwise "cool" sib-outing without parental supervision. 

At least I promised them more sib outings in future, during their school holidays. (Of course they're elated for it's always my treat. >.< Duties of the oldest sibling... Sighs.)

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