Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters Singapore


Wednesday morning, hopped out of bed, craving for some poached eggs.

The weather's crazy, I can't find my way, where is Pacamara? 

That was exactly what ran through my mind that Wednesday. 

Finally, with the help of my trusty GoogleMaps, and after a 10-minute walk getting roasted under the horrendous sun, I found Pacamara.

It was little white-washed cafe, one of many shops nestled along the Upper Thomson neighbourhood stretch of road.

On a weekday morning, at around 11am, it was rather empty. 

Sunlight was streaming through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows but it was a comfortable kind of brightness. The clean and minimalistic design was easy on the eyes.

They had a brunch and dinner menu. In the middle of the cafe, there was a water dispenser for free flow of citrus-flavoured water. 

I ordered a Truffle Benedict ($18) with brioche, smoked ham, spinach, truffle hollandaise and free range poached eggs from the brunch menu.

Despite looking divine, the taste itself was off-the-mark. 

For starters, what are poached eggs if their yolks weren't runny? Imagine my disappointment when I prodded the egg with my fork, and all I saw was a yellow lump of almost-solid yolk. The other egg at least, had a teeny bit of yolk oozing out, but still, it wasn't a good rendition of Eggs Benny.

When they include "Truffle" in the name, I had expected more of the rich, earthy, unique taste of truffle. It was barely discernible.

Thank goodness the brioche was decent and its crisp-edge-fluffy-inside combination cheered me up a little.

However wonderful the smoked ham and spinach tasted, it could never quite erase my memory of the lacklustre poached eggs, if you could call it poached at all.

Brunch wasn't as gratifying as expected, and nope, the price wasn't justifiable. 

Celline had the Salmon Royale and Earl Grey. 

As Pacamara is more well-known for their coffee and blends, I suppose I should brush that disappointing brunch off my mind and focus more on their coffee instead.

A cuppa in hand and a laptop in front - Pacamara has the perfect ambience for you to do your work in peace.

Post-brunch, I decided to stay on a little while more to get some work done, and ordered a $6 cup of Mocha. The latte art was... hmm. Nice try. I was hoping for something more instagram-worthy. At least the smooth mocha redeemed it.

Their coffee would probably be worth a visit, but not the food. 

185 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574333

Nearest train station: Marymount (near Thomson Community Club)

Opening Hours:Tues – Sun: 9:00 am – 10:00 pm

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