Rag & Flag 2015



We pushed our limits, we owned the night, we did the school proud.

It was an amazing experience working with the Rag family. Building everything from scratch, and seeing our months of hard work culminate into a single breathtakingly fantastic performance was MAGICAL. Looking back, the "building-taking it all down-then reconstruction" process was frustrating, but without all the nitpicking and drive for perfection, it wouldn't have been possible for us to bag the awards. The crazy weekends back in school, last-minute night prop-making, and even the penknife-cut I've sustained from ops felt worthwhile.

It was my first full rag experience as an M-squared. :') I would have preferred participating as a dancer but due to my other commitments (in planning for the Student Medical-Nursing Education Conference), I had no choice but to take on a less-demanding role in Rag. Still, I'm glad to have been part of it all.

In commemoration of SG50 and NUS110, Rag 2015 was held at the Floating Platform at Marina Bay, so as expected, it was a really big event. I managed to get tickets to the show, but I couldn't find my batch mates, so I ended up as the lone person from Med cheering in a crowd full of FASS students. 

The amazing view.

The performances of the other faculties (This was the Faculty of Dentistry).


The beautiful night view.

I was super thrilled to be able to see Gentle Bones, The Sam Willows and Christina Grimmie live. Christina Grimmie was super cute and she sounded even more fantastic in real life.

I'll never get sick of watching Medicine's Rag performance! 

It was GOLD, both figuratively and literally.

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