People say the hardest part of leaving for college is leaving your friends. 

With classmates studying in the States and UK, meet ups are rare occurrences. Inevitably, distance may cause friendships to fade into near-silence, but I'm really heartened to see that in 408's case, distance has made the heart grow fonder. :')

I was so touched when Ash suggested a 408 gathering first thing when she got back from US during her summer break. The last time we met was a year ago, so it's definitely time for some catch-ups.

We celebrated Moi's birthday (belated).

Look at happy Moi with her cake and card! :)

(It was a French pun on her name...)

And when we saw the RGS girls at 313 Somerset with the familiar navy-blue uniform, yellow name-tags and rolled-up sleeves, we started reminiscing about the good ole days. We were the previous batch of yellow-name-tags, and the sight of them made us feel really old. 

In between our conversation, we spontaneously burst out into song in the middle of the food court. Batch songs, house cheers, and etc. We could actually still remember the lyrics! I do hope we weren't judged too badly by the others around us. 

All gatherings have to come to an end. :( Hopefully we'll have one more class outing in Dec!

Group photo with Ash, Mois, Ruoxi and Zi Xin! 

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