Swee Choon Dim Sum Restaurant


Most locals are no stranger to Swee Choon. With more than 50 years of heritage, it's one of the most established dim sum places around. 

Located at Jalan Besar, it occupies the space of four shophouses. Due to its popularity, long queues are no surprise (no reservations are allowed).

Besides dine-ins, you can also take-away your favourite dim sum at their take-away counter. :) I "da-pao-ed" some home for my family.

When I reached, my JC classmates had already gotten us a table. 

Phew. There was no need for me to queue.

Happy Wee Ling, Chen Ting and Jia Qi!

(Check out the pictures of Swee Choon's dim sum on the walls!)

Xiao Long Bao! (4 for $4 - a tad expensive)

With its thin but firm skin, tender meat and tasty soup, that is definitely a must-try! 

The Mee Sua Kueh kind of reminds me of Maggi Mee. Don't be fooled by its appearances. It is amazingly delish! The crispy mee sua coating the soft carrot cake made the kueh stand out from all the other kuehs that I've tried. We ordered 5 whole plates (aka 30+ pieces) of it.

That was like a dry-wrapped "sushi" roll. It looks cute, but tasted average and dry.

Check out our first round of orders!

Fried Dumplings - Average.

Egg Tarts - Average.

Chilled chicken in spicy bean paste - Reminded me of a Sze Chuan dish. Too spicy for my liking.

Pork Ribs with Black Bean Sauce - It felt more like a yam-based dish than pork rib-based.

Har Kow - Only 2 in a plate. :( The prawns seemed like they were literally BURSTING out of the wrap! More please!

Red Bean Paste Pancakes - Crispy pancake dough and a generous portion of red bean paste!

Siew Mai - Huge, fresh and yummy with amazingly smooth thin skin.

Fried Golden Tofu - Too dry and bland.

Onion Pancake - Fragrant, crispy and delicious!

Egg Custard Buns - IT'S LITERALLY THE BEST I'VE EVER HAD! The custard just flows out of the bun in the most glorious shade of yellow. PURE BLISS.

Second round of orders...

Chicken claw - Well-cooked and chewy! The taste might be slightly too strong for some.

Lor Mai Kai - Grainy and bland rice, but well-marinated chicken. Honestly I prefer Breakthru Cafe's more strongly flavoured rice.

Plain La Mian with Onion and Oil - Springy and nice! 

Carrot cake - Average

Beancurd Prawn Roll - Yumz.

Deep fried crispy fish skin - Slightly too fishy and bland for me.

As no one kept count when ordering, we ended up with 57 platters of dim sum, and way too much to finish. Everyone was simply stuffing ourselves. In the end, we had to resort to playing 终极密码 and eating the extra food as forfeit. T__T

Moral of the story? Never let Wen Hao order food ever again. 


Wasn't it a punny caption? >.<

We averaged around $20/pax for that meal. Based on Jia Qi's past experiences, normal meals should only be around $15/pax. Yup, definitely a sign that we over-ordered.

Our final 13SO3C group photo!

Though I agree that Swee Choon might be overrated (it isn't exactly as mindblowingly delicious as what reviews rave about), it's still pretty value-for-money, considering the amount of dim sum that we have ordered. It's rare nowadays to get decent dim sum at such prices.

At least now I know what dishes I should skip on my next trip...
Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant |  瑞春点心拉面小笼包

191 Jalan Besar
Singapore 208882
Contact Number:62257788
Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday : 6 pm to 6 am
Close on Tuesday

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