Out of the cake box


Flower pot? Muck? What's with that shovel? 

You've guessed it wrong. It's not my latest addition to my bonsai family. It is in fact, EDIBLE. *cue incredulous gasps*

The concept of flower pot desserts first appeared in Taiwanese dramas and the craze soon caught on in other Asian countries like Korea and Singapore. I would have to admit that it's a novel, albeit slightly eccentric, concept of eating out of a flower pot. (But with the Taiwanese's strange obsession with eating out of weird stuff like "toilet bowls", I guess I wouldn't be surprised.)

I know what's your next question. Yes, this can be bought in Singapore, from Out of the Cake Box, a patisserie located at Telok Blangah. 

This patisserie offers a variety of unique desserts with innovative twists and it caters to both takeaway orders and dine-ins. 

The Dirty Chocolate Pot (featured above) is a rich, dark chocolate mousse with brownie bites and choc dirt ($8.50). I could almost fool myself into thinking that I'm eating muck, if not for the sweet taste.

It would definitely make a cute little birthday treat!

Out Of The Cake Box
Block 45 Telok Blangah Drive #01-173
Singapore 100045

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