Paik's BiBim


JEM's basement is a foodie haven. 

Having seen so many Western fast food outlets around, I was pleasantly surprised to see Paik's BiBim in the midst of them all. 

It is a Korean fast food concept selling healthy bibimbap and bibim noodles. That day, I was feeling particularly health-conscious, so the pictures of their bibimbap (which looked like a mini mound of rice buried under a sea of greens) drew my attention. 

The environment was decent and you'll get your food in no time at all. 

I ordered a Pork Bibimbap set. 

HOLY GUACAMOLE, the bowl was twice the size of my head. 

For people with small appetites, I guess one set would be more than enough to share between two. 

I had fun mixing in the gochujang. The crunchy vegetables were amazingly fresh and the radish kimchi was a welcome change from the typical cabbage kimchis. Though I was a little bummed at the absence of the runny egg and hot stone pot, it was still a satisfactorily delicious meal. 

Paik's Bibim

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