Starbucks is the only constant in my life. 

It's my new favourite haunt (ever since my neighbours started renovating, I was forced out of my house. The dreadful drilling and hacking never seem to stop. I'm getting a migraine just by staying at home.)

That was when I was still in the mood to record down my drinks. After a while, I simply stopped bothering. 

I can't believe I've spent more on Sbux in Sept than in the past 9 months combined. What even.

At this rate I'm going, I will be hitting Gold membership in no time at all. -.- 

I need to exercise self-control. But where else can I mug (with free wifi)? No, I'm not going all the way to school just for the wifi. >_<

With the terrible haze lately, I can't even go for a nice long jog or a game of badminton. :( Honestly speaking, I don't even feel like dragging myself all the way to school. I just want to station myself beside my trusty air purifier. 

Here's a rare full-CG photo, when I actually turn up physically in school for lectures/ tutorials.

M2 is mostly just lectures, and the timings are so weird I would rather have self-directed learning and webcast all my lectures. 

Also, I can't stand the snaking queues at the Science canteen during lunch breaks. All I ever eat in school is the salad from Platypus (with the shortest waiting time). 

Sure, it's healthy... but imagine having that everyday. 

Thank goodness for weekend Tze Char dinners. I won't be able to survive on bland food. 

Looking forward to recess week as my very first exam of the year is only in November! YAY to a stress-free break! ^^

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