Thai cravings - Nakhon Kitchen


One of the perks of studying at Kent Ridge campus is that you're no more than a few MRT stops away from the best food places in Singapore.

Nakhon Kitchen, synonymous with authentic and reasonably-priced Thai food, is conveniently located at Holland Village. Perfect for a quick lunch during our long lunch breaks!

Though we went during the lunch crowd, we managed to find ourselves a table for 6, and we didn't have to wait too long for the food. 

This outlet is small, so we would have expected it to be slightly stuffy and cramped.

Thai Iced Milk Tea ($3): Its unique orange-brown colour, rich creamy taste of the evaporated milk and slight bittersweet tinge totally won me over. 

Fried minced beef with hot basil leaves ($8): Don't be fooled by the photo. It was a tiny dish, with just a few tablespoonfuls of beef. Palatable, but the meagre quantity disappointed us.

Pandan Leaves Chicken ($6 for 4 pieces): Having heard that it was one of the best dishes in Nakhon, we tried it out but it failed to impress. Though the fragrance of the pandan leaves were infused into the chicken, the meat itself was rather bland. 

Green curry with Chicken ($8): The viscous and mildly spicy curry was a welcome change from the normal red curry all Singaporeans are used to, but it was awfully hard trying to fish for the elusive mini chicken slices in the bowl...

Seafood Tom Yum soup ($6): No Thai meal would be complete without Tom Yum soup. It sure left my tongue burning from the spiciness. 

The pineapple fried rice ($6) and stir-fried kang kong ($6) tasted decent enough. 

While Nakhon's prices are affordable for students, of course we have to give and take a little, so quantity is very much compromised and the taste is just satisfactory, nothing mindblowingly amazing. On the bright side, at least we got to try a variety of dishes to fulfil our thai food cravings without burning a hole in our pockets.

Nakhon Kitchen
27A Lorong Liput Holland Village
Singapore 277738
Tel: 64696862

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