Appe-THAI-zing en-THAI-cers


Thai dinners offer so many pun opportunities and I simply couldn't resist throwing a few in. 

Too THAI-red to cook? Thai Express right around the corner can get you a quick dinner just in THAI-me to catch your next episode of drama on 8 o'clock sharp. 

Honestly, Thai Express is a pretty decent place to grab some reasonably-priced Thai food. There's practically no queue, it's air-conditioned and the service is really prompt. 

It has a clean and brightly-lit interior that immediately improves your mood (after being stuck for hours outdoors, slowly killing yourself by breathing in toxic fumes from the unhealthy haze drifting in from Indonesia.)

Chiang Mai Chicken Wings ($9.90) was a hot favourite among everyone gathered around the table. The basil leaves and garlic flakes that topped the crispy delight infused a pleasant aromatic tinge and complemented the wings perfectly.

Phat Thai with Seafood ($12.90) is a rice noodle based dish with egg, nuts, shrimps, squids and fish paste. It didn't exactly leave an impression.

Tender Juicy Chicken in Jade Green Curry ($11.90) definitely had a generous portion of chicken bits. The soft succulent meat, dipped in the rich curry, is an awesome dish to pair with rice. 

Thai-style Stir-fried Kang Kong with Spicy Shrimp Paste ($8.50) was excessively salty. UGH no, just no.

Thai Laksa with Seafood in Red Gravy ($10.50) is an interesting take to a largely popular dish, Laksa, in Singapore. There's this slight undertone of sourness beneath the tastebud-burning spiciness. It's quite addictive, honestly. Now I can't get back to plain old Katong Laksa. 

The Pineapple Fried Rice with Seafood ($11.90) is just like how its name suggests. Though it tasted average, I would give it plus points simply because the portion is sufficient enough to fill my glutton of a brother.

Sautéed Prawns in Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce ($1.30) was part of a limited period promotional event. I'm glad we went for dinner on the right day and managed to snag that discount. That was totally worth it and yes, it tasted great too. 

The clear Tom Yum Seafood Soup ($9.90) was just the right mix of spiciness and sourness. I would say that they pulled it off better than Nakhon. There were more ingredients in Thai Express' version of the same dish too. 

In general, I have enjoyed the dining experience at Thai Express. No wonder their outlets seem to be everywhere. Now I know where I'll head to if I ever needed to fix a Thai food craving. 

Hougang 1. 1 Hougang Street 91 #01-41 
Hougang 1Singapore 538692. 
Tel: + 65-6385 3195. 
Operating Hours: Daily: 11am to 10pm

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