East Coast Supper!


Midnight suppers are absolute no-nos for health freaks, but once in a while, we've got to indulge ourselves a little. 

My favourite supper haunt? East Coast Lagoon Food Village. 

Even at 12am, there'll be flashing neon lights in front of the food stalls clamouring for your attention, the smoky fragrance of barbecued chicken wings and satays wafting through the air, and the background buzz of conversations punctuated by an occasional bout of cheering or laughter.

You'll be spoilt for choice at the many stalls and options. Every few steps or so, stall owners would wave their menus in front of you and enthusiastically introduce their chef's recommendations. 

Ah Hwee's BBQ Chicken Wings: Loved the crispness of the skin and the juicy tenderness of the wings! Drizzle some lime over and dip them in their special chilli for that taste bud orgasm.

Fresh blood cockles: Having studied all about Hepatitis A, paranoid me decided to stick with fully cooked blood cockles. Though it's more rubbery than the half-cooked cockles, at least I feel safer this way. We've got to compromise taste for the sake of health.

BBQ Sambal Stingray: That is a plate of pure sizzling goodness. The intense sambal complemented the succulent stingray perfectly and MYGOSH. It's heavenly. 

Oyster Omelette: Eating this dish is like digging for gems on a treasure hunt, with hits every once in a while. That exaltation comes when you finally manage to capture the elusive oyster bits by prodding with your chopsticks. It was crisp, with the slightest bit of smooth chewiness. Mmmmm. 

Prawn Noodles: Decent, but not really as impressive as expected. The gravy was a little too dry and the flavour wasn't infused into the noodles/vermicelli sufficiently. 

Most dishes were from Xin Long Xing Seafood Barbecue. 

Satay: Loved the slightly charred meat chunks with their succulent interiors and the thick peanut gravy. 

FINALLY my tummy is satisfied. BURPS.

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