Lady M Confections


No one ever rejects desserts. At least, I won't. 

There's always room for that extra slice of cake or tart in your stomach, right?

Despite being stuffed to our brims from dinner with Stef and CT, we couldn't resist the temptation of Lady M's cakes. It was enticing us simply by existing in front of us. 

Though it was a weekday night at 8.30pm, there was a queue. Guess we weren't the only ones nursing a sweet tooth at that hour.

The interior's minimalist and chic design lends an air of sophistication to the place. 

I chose the Gâteau Nuage - literally translated into “cloud cake". With a smooth cheesecake base, a cinnamon-kissed crust and a slight tinge of sour cream, it was the perfect post-meal indulgence.

CT got the Signature Lady M Mille Crepes. We didn't manage to count if it really did had twenty paper-thin handmade crepes but it sure was photogenic. The light pastry cream spread in between the fine layers was lusciously soft and subtly sweet. I thought I tasted a hint of alcohol. However, as we neared the last few bites of the cake, it became too creamy for our liking.

The actual Tarte au Citron simply did not match up to the gorgeous display picture on the menu. The moment the server laid the plate onto our table, I saw Stef's face visibly scrunch up in disappointment. What happened to the thick custard in the image? All that was in front of us was a pathetically spare layer of custard. After we had gingerly removed the whipped cream (the Mille Crepe depleted our cream quota of the day), the lemon custard tasted jaw-wrenchingly sour. Thank goodness the shortbread crust wasn't that much of a let-down.

While Lady M's cakes do make amazing Instagram photos, I reserve my judgement for their cakes.  Out of their three types of cakes tried that day, I would say, give their Gâteau Nuage a go, but skip the rest.

LADY M® Westgate
3 Gateway Drive #02-25/26. Singapore 608532. 
Opening hours: Daily 10am to 10pm (Last order 9:30pm)

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