Marching on


When seniors say M2 year is hard, they aren't kidding. 

Imagine having to cram down all those details about Microbiology, Pharmacology, Pathology, Immunology and a whole load of other miscellaneous topics for your exams.

Coping gets a lot worse when you're further bogged down by other commitments, like your community involvement programmes, committee handovers and research projects (OH GAWD why did I sign up for two research projects?)

I know I'm in deep shit when I started on doing practice papers and ended up filling my answer sheet with question marks. 

So there. With less than 8 days to go to my first M2 exam, I have to restudy all my notes again.

It's no surprise I've been using up my highlighters faster than my siblings combined. 

Much has happened in my life but I guess I'll only have time to properly update this space when I'm free to do so post-exams! 

Meanwhile, I'll just have to keep marching on. 

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