November in a nutshell


The only time when my life gets remotely exciting would be post-exam periods.

Finally managed to catch Our Times, the Taiwanese High School movie that everyone's raving about recently, on 12 Nov. 

Watching a movie related to high school with my closest high school buddies is so apt! 

We intended to take a nice picture in front of the movie poster but we couldn't find one at JEM. :(

We couldn't help gushing over 许太宇. He's like every high school girl's dream guy. 

True, the movie had its cliched moments but it still brought back nostalgic memories of high school days. I couldn't exactly relate to all of them as I didn't exactly get to experience any teen crushes.

None of us cried, though I did notice a guy sitting beside me taking off his specs to wipe away manly tears.

Here's a picture of my gang of bffs from JC. 


Then, all we had to worry about were our grades. Our daily dilemma would be to decide between queuing for Tom Yum noodles at Haw's Kitchen or the Chicken Rice stall. Breaks were spent giggling over eye candies, sharing our embarrassing childhood stories, laughing at our attempts at pronouncing strange SAT words like "schadenfreude", and stalking the RJ cats all around the school. Lectures were all about doodling immature insults and comical images on each other's lecture notes. (I could still recall Ms Toh's facial expression when she saw the cartoon image of a butt on my econs notes when she walked past my desk. Thanks Stef. XD) And the most exciting thing ever would be to discover your name on the Dean's List stuck on the notice board along the canteen walkway, beside the Student Affair's Centre. 

I vividly recall a quote from the movie: "没有穿过高中制服翘过课,你长大后一定会后悔的。" Does ponning lectures count? *guilty* 

There was this surge of adrenaline from flouting the rules, and I have to admit I'm not the most obedient student around. (I've worn rainbow-coloured shoelaces and high tops to school, and had non-matching earrings...) BUT generally, I was a goody-two-shoes. 

Just last week, I dropped by RI (while doing some errands) and those memories came flooding back all over again. I couldn't resist taking some pictures of the place.

I miss the garden below Blocks A and B. The school cats always lurk around here.

The windy benches remind me of pre-A level hardcore mugging days. The funniest thing that happened there was that Ms Stubby-tail (one of the RJ resident cats) followed me from the windy benches to the female toilet in hopes that I had some cat kibble for it. I had only realised that I was "tailed" (HAHA. Am I punny?) when I stepped out of the toilet cubicle and saw a furry creature staring wistfully at the toilet door and batting its paws against it in exasperation. Stubby-tail slinked out the moment I pulled open the door. 

Her favourite resting spot would be atop the water cooler beside the windy benches. I wouldn't be surprised to find cat fur stuck onto the water cooler basin. Many a times, students would stare at her plump furry body plopped onto the water cooler, and sigh exasperatedly before heading off to the second floor to refill their bottles. No one robs Stubby-tail from her self-proclaimed territory. 

Reminiscing's over.

Anyway, we ended off our girls' night out with a photo taken by a kind stranger.

The other day, a group of us House 4 peeps hung out to play Munchkins at Stef's.

I missed Pippin and her pink lil nose. She was caught in an unglam act. HAHA.

He tried batting at my phone, and he even chewed on Ernest's phone, to his utmost horror. Naughty Max.

Last Friday, the faculty actually organised a sleepover/ movie marathon. Thanks Med Welfare and Social Directorate!

The conjuring! 

Some batch mates decided to be funny and scream during the movie, to frighten others. It was quite hilarious seeing Aru and Akshay peeping out from behind the tiny slit between their sleeping bags and their hoodies. XD

The Imitation Game.

I've only managed to catch these 2 movies before I conked out for the night. It was a whole new experience staying up so late in school! I found it rather fun to walk out to NUH's convenience store to buy midnight snacks with friends. 

Aru and I managed to sleep on the couches in the house rooms, so we were the lucky few who actually didn't end up with a throbbing headache and horrendous eye bags on Saturday morning. 

Post-exams = more time to exercise.

I've went back to the river near my place for my evening jogs, managing 6 - 8 km per jog. Begone fats! 

The breathtaking scenery and the fresh air by the river makes jogging so much more fun.

Also, thanks to my new jogging buddy, my sister, I have a pacer now! More motivation to keep running on without stopping mid-journey.

<3 Saturday Tze Char dinner. My (almost)daily jogs made me less guilty about the occasional pigging-out sessions. 

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