Veni, Vedi, Veci


We came, we saw, we conquered.
CA1 IS OVER! And instead of kicking its ass, I think we got our asses kicked instead. The Pharmacology questions were such killers.

BUT on the bright side, CA1 is part of the past, and it will never return to haunt me, at least, not that soon. I've survived 30% of med school, and I'm still alive and breathing and hanging on.

Sharks are no biggie. After surviving CA1, nothing else fazes me anymore.

Looking back upon the pre-CA1 days, I am amazed that I had even pulled through. I was practically living on caffeine, perpetually in a sleep-deprived mode, and I was so tense and cranky I actually had a few erratic anxiety episodes. One moment I could be studying in front of my desk, perfectly normal, and the next, I would be sniffling and dabbing tissue all over my face, thinking that I should probably think of a backup plan because I was probably going to get kicked out of med school for being such a failure.

I was having mini breakdowns every once in a while and no, it wasn't solely about the stress from academics. 

I had a major Halloween 'Escape the Room' event to plan on my own (we were inviting our MP down and my vice-Chair was unfortunately overseas during the period of intense event preparation and the event day itself), SMEC committee interviews to conduct and the handover to settle, 2 research projects to worry about, and the looming CA1.

You could say I overcommitted myself and I was just a walking bundle of frazzled nerves. I was immensely grateful for my family's support and understanding during that hellish month - my parents got me my welfare snack packs, my siblings took over my share of the housework and they even offered me shoulder massages to relieve my stress. AWWWWW.

When I count my blessings in life, I would have to count them not once, twice, but thrice. :')

Then on another Saturday, my parents brought me out for a therapeutic outdoor trip to Gardens by the Bay, hoping that nature, and time well-spent with the family, could help improve my mood. 

The night view was amazingly gorgeous and reminded me of Ed Sheeran's song.

And all of the stars will lead, into the night with me.
I did feel tremendously better after that respite. And knowing that I can't ever resist food, my parents surprised me by bringing me on a spontaneous supper trip to East Coast Park.

The past week leading up to CA1 got immensely better after the Halloween Escape ended and I managed to pull it off smoothly with the help from all my Zone's RC members, dear Youth Chapter volunteers and the support of our residents. 

Here are some pictures from the event!

We recreated a hotel room from our RC study rooms. Yes, imagine the amount of effort we had to put in to do that with our limited budget.

And we spent an unbelievably long amount of time thinking of hints, confounding puzzles, a storyline (of a murder of a tourist in a hotel room), and red herrings.

Our collection of polaroids from the event!

And our group photo with our MP, Darryl David.

We had a cute little Darth Vader participating in our Escape game. Halloween game's strong for this lil dude. :)

Anyway, let's get back to what I've been up to post-CA1. 

We went to Tampines to check out bicycles (RIP, my trusty mountain bike. You have served me well for the past few years) at Giant, but none of the designs appealed to me. 

I did see this really cute snowman decoration at its entrance, so I couldn't resist snapping a picture. 

HOLY, Christmas is coming already!

Since I'm already at Giant Tampines, there's no excuse to skip a visit to IKEA. 

Looking at showrooms and furniture is just as therapeutic as window shopping. 

See how absolutely basic and gorgeous this dining area is!

Now I'm looking forward to designing my own room (and house) in future. Furniture shopping is going to be SO FUN!

Much love for adorable cuddly plushies (I'm a kid at heart still).

And an Instagram-worthy shot of me just chilling in between the famous IKEA aisles.

The colour's flowing back into my life now that CA1 is OVER! (HAHA, yes, I have an inexplicable need to emphasise this super important piece of news at every single opportunity I get.)

I'm ending off this post with pics of our lunch!

Now these are some damn awesome and price worthy set meals from the Taiwanese stall at Tampines Mall's Kopitiam. Can you believe they only cost around $5? You'll be hard pressed to find a similar place that sells such delicious budget set meals. The cheapo auntie in me is satisfied! XD

~ till the next post!

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