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I've been on a cafe hopping rampage lately and it's always delightful to know that there are so many out-of-the-way eating spots around in a small island like Singapore. 

For a girls' night out, Stef, JQ, CT and I decided to pop by Baker & Cook at Holland Village, Chip Bee Gardens. 

Baker & Cook is well-known for their breads, cakes, pastries, quiches and salads. While the spread of food offered doesn't make it the best place for dinner (people normally patronise it for brunch), the small crowd in the evenings makes an ideal place for a catch-up session. 

Check out the cookies, jars upon jars of jam and cooking books on sale.

The small seating areas, low ceilings, and warm hues of lighting makes it a nice chill-out location. Perfect for a lazy evening with a cuppa in hand. :)

The wide plethora of desserts on display was awfully tantalising. Just look at the vibrant colours of the tarts and cakes!

We were leaving some room for Sunday Folks, so we skipped Baker & Cook's dessert selection. 

A combined photo of our tart, salads, quiches and croissant. 

We tried to be artsy and sneaked the mini Christmas tree from the adjacent table over, just to add some Christmas festivity into our photo. (These dear girls are the only people who can entertain such weird requests from me and not judge me.)

I ordered a set meal, complete with choice of quiche/ tart and a choice of salad. ($10.50)

The crust of the Salmon quiche was sufficiently crumbly and delightful. They were pretty generous with the tasty salmon bits. Capsicum slices were tucked within the quiche and they gave it a refreshing crunch with every bite. Their quiche wasn't as cheesy as expected (a bummer for a cheese lover like me), but I suppose it would sit well with others who aren't fans of cheesy food.

I thought the couscous salad had a cute and unique name, so I ordered it as a side with my quiche on a whim. It was fine and grainy, with apricot chunks. It reminded me of baby food, and I found the sweet-salty taste of the salad slightly strange... Guess it would be my first and last time ordering that salad. Next time I'll just safely stick to the greens.

Stef ordered a Spinach and Feta tart, with a side of raw salad. It sure looked healthy!

There was a water dispenser by the side of the cafe, and a tray of samples with dips on the counter (which was sadly depleted when we went.) I appreciate it when cafes provide water free-of-charge. It's so much better than places that charge you for a glass of plain tap water. (URGH.)

Overall, it was a nice experience and I loved the ambience there. The brunch menu looked amazing but wasn't available at the time that we went. Perhaps I would return for their brunch sometime soon. :)

Baker & Cook – Chip Bee Gardens, 
44 Jalan Merah Saga,
#01-56 Chip Bee Gardens,
(Holland Village MRT)
Singapore 278116.
Phone: +65 6472 0998

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