Blue Lotus Chinese Eating House


Blue Lotus stood out among all the restaurants along Sentosa Cove's Quayside Isle, with its vibrantly-coloured lanterns and unmistakable Chinese eating house style. 

Dining at the airy alfresco area offers you a gorgeous view of the twinkling lights in the quay.

Their double-sided A3 menu provides diners with the choice of deciding between a mains-only meal (with noodles or fried rice) or a mix-and-match full course meal, complete with appetisers, mains, soups and desserts.

For starters, we had Cold Marinated Jellyfish ($9), topped by a generous amount of minced ginger and garlic. The gelatinous and crunchy slices of jellyfish made a welcoming appetiser. However, the heap of spicy and pungent ginger overwhelmed the subtle flavour of the dish and compromised its overall taste.

One of the chef's recommendations, the Blue Lotus Signature Lemongrass Prawn Sticks with citrus spicy dressing ($18 for 4 sticks) was a unique take on the otherwise-typical prawn balls. The chunky prawn balls wrapped on the lemongrass stalks had a slight hint of spices. You'll definitely need to dip them in the accompanying dressing to get the full zesty flavour.

The Sze Chuan Style Hot and Sour Seafood Soup ($12) lived up to its title of being indeed hot and sour. The thick soup, coupled with the slim crunchy strands of winter bamboo shoots, gave a nice juxtaposition to the overall texture of the dish. 

Next up, we had a Wok-fried Kagoshima wagyu beef tenderloin ($48).  Served in a hot stone bowl with onions, leeks, red pepper and black pepper, the sizzling delight proved to be a hot favourite on the table. Don't leave the tender succulent wagyu cubes in the pot for too long though, lest the meat end up being overcooked.

During our meal that night, there were street performers walking about Quayside Isle. This was a really cool dude who managed to create an illusion of his crystal orb floating in midair. His fingers are amazingly deft! He passed me his orb for fun and I attempted doing the same but of course I couldn't.

A visit to Blue Lotus would be in vain if you did not get to try their Signature Chilli Pomelo Crab ($7.80 per 100g)

The chilli crab, sprinkled with fresh pomelo pulp and drenched in red-hot gravy, is both visually appealing, and divinely delectable. Unlike the run-of-the-mill chilli crab cooked with ketchup, Blue Lotus uses orange, assam, ginger flower, chillies, herbs and spices to infuse the flavour into the crabs' tender flesh. It would definitely get your taste buds on fire! According to the friendly owner of Blue Lotus, this is only entry-level spiciness that will burn your tongue but not your throat. 

Now, I can't imagine how the next level would taste like. He had jokingly quipped that we'll probably have to dive into the quay to douse the flaming spiciness if the dish got spicier.

As stated on their "bib" (to prevent you from dirtying your clothes as you struggle to crack open the Chilli crab's shell), it is definitely an impressive dish.

For our vegetable dish, we ordered a Claypot San Bei Assorted Mushrooms with Garlic and Basil ($22). Not only are the mushrooms piping hot and fragrant, their umami flavour and firm texture was an instant hit among us.

Sweet and Sour Pork with Lychee ($30) is juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. The saccharine taste of the lychee added a lovely flavour to the dish.

The service is rather efficient even on a busy weekend evening, though I would say that some staff may be overly enthusiastic in clearing our plates when we haven't finished our food.

Given the steep prices of the dishes and out-of-the-way location for mainlanders, Blue Lotus's main crowd would likely come from Sentosa Cove residents and W Hotel guests (who get to enjoy 10% discount off their total bill).

Blue Lotus Chinese Eating House
31 Ocean Qay, #01-13 Quayside Isle, Sentosa
+65 6339 0880

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