Charcoal Thai


Mookata and Thai steamboats restaurants have been gaining popularity in recent years. With many new names and establishments emerging in the Mookata scene, Charcoal Thai still remains as one of the more successful brands around. 

Their outlet at VivoCity was rather well-hidden, I would say. I wouldn't have been able to spot it if not for the huge posters and signs leading to the shopfront all the way from the area in front Daiso.

Charcoal Thai should really invest in a better ventilation system. The weak air-conditioning and lack of proper ventilation left me sweating throughout my meal, with my eyes watering from the steam and smoke from all around, and my entire self stinking of barbecued meat. The close proximity of tables and the uneven ground made it inconvenient for patrons to manoeuvre their way from the buffet area to their dining spots.

Steamboats seem like a healthier choice than Mookata.

We chose Laksa, Chicken and Seafood Broth. The Laksa broth was average at best, for the gravy was thin and slightly too sweet. The Chicken broth was bland and not worth a mention. The only decent tasting one was the Seafood broth.

While waiting for the broth to boil, you could take your pick of the pre-cooked food at their buffet selection. To be honest, the choices provided are rather limited. Out of the meagre selection, my favourite would be their Tom Yum soup and shrimp paste chicken wings. Unfortunately, the shrimp paste chicken runs out extremely quickly and the staff would not refill the dishes, until a customer requests for them to do so specifically.

They had a seafood selection with mussels, prawns, dory, flower crabs, fish balls, squid and crabmeat sticks. As with the refilling incident mentioned previously, no one came to replenish the depleted supply of prawns. 

The meat selection with chicken, pork, beef, hotdogs and more.

There was also a vegetable, shrooms and noodles selection area.

Their variety of food available for Steamboat/Mookata was satisfactory, but they had no signature dish or specialty to make Charcoal Thai stand out from among its competitors

Drinks were chargeable, and even plain water was $1.00 per cup (refillable). 

It was a filling meal, but nothing impressive overall. Expected price per pax would be around 25SGD. (Promotional prices available for students, NS men and senior citizens.) Would I return again? Highly unlikely.

1 Harbourfront Walk
#03-07 VivoCity

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