Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay


Singapore's biggest yuletide fair, Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay, returned again this year, with gorgeous Italian Luminarie light sculptures, fairgrounds with rides and games, an indoor ice skating rink, a snow playground, and a European-styled festive market with pop-up stores selling popular street food with the likes of Churros.

I was late to the party for I went only after Christmas, but better late than never.

The night was lit up by the brilliant lights.

Speakers all around were blasting Christmas carols.

Every few steps, people stopped to snap pictures of the magnificent light sculptures

Though it was post-Christmas, the crowd was still insane. Bodies pressed up against one another, and heat radiating off from the mass of people all around you. 

After ducking under the nth selfie-pod that night, I managed to get some spectacular photos of the Spalliera and the Cassa Armonica (illuminated gazebo)

Performances were ongoing when I finally made my way into the middle of the crowd (of course, with much struggling).

Blizzard Time at 9pm.

It was magical. If not for the tropical weather and the hordes of people all around, I could almost pretend that I was in Winter Wonderland. The "snow" (it's just foam) floated daintily into the air and landed gently on the hair and clothes of the people all around. I tried my best to prevent myself from breathing in or accidentally ingesting the white specks while talking but I suppose a guy beside me wasn't that lucky. He ended up sneezing and coughing pretty badly. 

The indoor skating rink and snow playground was tiny and way too crowded. Skip.

The carousel was a pretty ride. Once again, the queue was insane. Pass.

This was an interesting photo-taking scene. People get to lie down on the background and the photographers would then take a picture of the reflection. It was free, so obviously the queues would be long too.

Check out the quaint little wooden huts/ pop-up stalls. Doesn't this remind you of English wooden cabins?

It was a great night basking in the festive spirit.

Christmas Wonderland @ Gardens by the Bay
27 Nov 2015 - 3 Jan 2016
7pm - Midnight daily
Free Admission

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