Sunday Folks


Sunday Folks is best known for their signature swirly soft serve ice-cream topped on waffles.

It definitely must have appeared on one's Instagram feed at some point in time. 

Since Stef, JQ, CT and I were already at Chip Bee Gardens, might as well drop by Sunday Folks for their famous soft serve ice cream.

The place was already filled at 8pm, and the queues just keep on extending. 

The moment we stepped into the cafe, the gorgeous display of cakes and toppings behind the glass grabbed our attention.

Standing in front of the glass, we felt like little kids in a candy store. Everything seemed so delightfully tempting. I would have bought everything and tried a bit of each if I were able to do so. 

Eventually, we settled for Sea Salt Gula Melaka soft serve ice-cream topped on two square waffles ($11.80) and Banana Butterscotch Cake ($7.90). 

The cake was one of the better banana cakes that I've had. The sweetness of the butterscotch wasn't too overpowering and I could still taste the smooth, mellow and sweet flavour of the banana. The cookie crumble topping complemented the cake really well! :)

The moment the gorgeous swirl of cold sweet goodness was served to our table, everyone whipped out their phones to snap pictures. 

The standard toppings were blueberries and strawberries. There were other toppings at the counter for you to choose from, at an additional price. 

Eating the ice-cream and waffles though, was a messy affair. We had to "sever" the pretty tower of ice-cream to prevent it from toppling over. 

Having been to both Creamier and Sunday Folks, I would say that I prefer Sunday Folks' rendition of the ice-cream waffles. Theirs was pleasantly sweet and not too creamy. 

The Gula Melaka soft serve tasted like brown sugar with a hint of butter. It reminded me of home and freshly baked cookies. :')

It was the perfect combination with their crispy waffles.

The night we went Sunday Folks, I was slowly turning into a human popsicle under the air-conditioning. The huge crowd would also mean that the buzz and chatter from tables all around us would tend to drown our own conversation. It isn't really a good place for a chat...

I would be back again to try out their other ice-cream flavours, but perhaps at their off-peak hours, to escape from the crazy crowds.

Here's a post-cafe hopping group photo with the girls before we ended the night. 

Sunday Folks
 44 Jalan Merah Saga
Chip Bee Gardens #01-52
Singapore 278116

Tel: +65 6479 9166

Opening hours: 
Tuesday to Friday : 1.00pm – 10pm; 
Saturday & Sunday : 12noon – 10pm. 
Closed on Mondays

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