The Kitchen Table


All happiness depends on a good breakfast.

The Kitchen Table, with its open kitchens, warm-hued furniture and amazing quayside view creates a comfortable ambience.

Upon entering, you'll be greeted by friendly servers.

The beverages and cookies selection are right beside the entrance.

Pastries and breads. It was interesting watching the chef prepare mini pancakes on the spot. The fragrance of freshly-baked delights was heavenly!

Smiley pancake with maple syrup!

For the health-conscious, there are fresh greens, cheese, greek yogurt and various toppings for you to create your own customised salads/ yogurt mix. There are even cute little glass bottles of fresh milk and soy milk. 

The warm food selection and omelette station. They had bacon, sausages, rosti-like potato slices, Chinese tea eggs, sautéed mushrooms, rice, chicken puffs, samosas, char siu puffs and more.

Open kitchen concepts would mean that you get to see the chefs cooking the food and replenishing the trays on the spot. Their service at the live station was fantastic, just that the omelettes were slightly bland (nothing a slight sprinkle of salt from the table can't fix). I was hoping for cheesy omelettes but I guess not all breakfast buffets provide that choice.

At the Noodle Bar, it follows a similar concept like Yong Tau Foo stalls. You get to select your own ingredients (meatballs, fish balls and vegetables), noodles, and gravy (Chicken soup and laksa were the two choices that morning), and the chef will whip up the bowl of noodles for you. 

Porridge choices and bamboo steamers filled with dim sum are located at the Noodle Bar too. I thought that their Har Gow (Shrimp Dumplings) were nice, with pretty translucent skin and fresh juicy chunks of shrimp filling. That day, they only had two choices of Har Gow and Char Siu Buns for dim sum. 

I got myself a bowl of Laksa, with fresh tender fish balls and a delectable gravy! It was a pity they did not have the signature chilli and specks of laksa leaves normally served together with Laksa.

Service, ambience and taste-wise, it was a satisfactory breakfast. However, I would be more impressed if there were more variety in the cooked food and dim sum selection. 

If the breakfast was not already included in my hotel room package, I don't think I would fork out the amount simply to eat at The Kitchen Table.

Breakfast (6-11am) – $48++

The Kitchen Table
21 Ocean Way
Singapore, 098374

+65 6808-7288

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