W Hotel Singapore


Busy schedules and conflicting times scrapped my family's initial plans for an overseas holiday, so we had to settle for Plan B, a staycation for my 20th birthday at W Hotel Singapore. 

W Hotel totally puts the 'W' in WOW. 

Located in Sentosa Cove, by the picturesque Quayside Isle, simply being there gets you in such a holiday mood you don't even feel like you're in Singapore at all. 

The drop off point. 

Once you enter the glass doors, you'll be greeted by this glowing sight. 

Intimidated by the long flight of stairs? Fret not. There's a bubble lift (complete with a bench for you to sit on) that will take you from level 1 to the main lobby at level 2.

The lights strangely remind me of the floating candles in Hogwart's Great Hall.

Can I already declare my love for the hotel's chic interior design and gorgeous furniture?

The cushy seats are perfect to pose on. :)

The Reception counter.

While waiting, you could even grab a drink from their refreshments table, complete with coffee and TWG tea! (The coffee and tea were only there for a certain time, so I suppose it was for an event that evening.)

Otherwise, you can always head over to their Woo Bar for a cocktail or some other beverage.

The lift lobby. 

W Hotel's lifts will only offer access to the basement, and levels 1 and 2 for all. Access to other levels will require you to tap your room key on the sensor. 

That's a really humongous dog.

The corridor.

The other end of the corridor even had a sofa in front of the window offering a view of the quay with all the private yatchs of the Cove's residents.

We entered the room to find a hand behind the door. 

This creeped me out a little, but it was a cool touch to the room's design.

Look! I have a new moustache now! 

The Wonderful Room.

It's spacious and (pardon my pun) roomy.

The toilet.

There's a tub area and a rain shower area. The frosted glass windows can be slid open though (for those who want to watch TV while using the toilet? HAHA)

I love sitting by the window seat to people-watch. :)

(Honestly I had no idea what I was trying to do with that cushion then.)

Hello froggie.

Artsy vibes.

There is complimentary drinking water for guests.

All these and the food/drinks in the mini bar are chargeable.

I found it interesting that the room had various lightings for different occasions. 

This was supposed to be "Flirt". No cookies for guessing correctly who it appeals to. ;)

There's also "Hello", "Escape" and "Runway", if I remember correctly. Anyway, I had a fun time entertaining myself switching among all the themed lightings.

A cool cube.

The view from our room.

TWG TEA! I literally squealed with delight when I saw that they provided TWG tea. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE their tea flavours. 

The hotel staff knew that I was celebrating my birthday there and gave me a voucher for me to redeem my complimentary cake from Woo Bar. 

Rainbow sprinkle rainbow cake! 

That is some really impressive service standards. I was so touched.

I didn't want to neglect my workouts during this staycay, especially when I'm already having so many cheat meals, so I headed down to level 1 for my gymming session. 

Spotted this cute hanging chair.

The resting area in front of the gym and spa.

The interior was rather futuristic-looking. I had the gym all to myself that day. I couldn't exactly comment much on the gym equipment since all I ever use would be the treadmill, elliptical, rowing machine and stationary bike. I am a total weights noob. I didn't see any rowing machines around though. :(

 At least I was entertained enough by the touch screen TVs on the equipments. The shows kept my mind off the distance meter...

The gym also has personal trainers on hand for you to seek help from.

YAY for self-discipline and perseverance! I managed to push my unfit self to complete one hour of workout.

By the pool.

It's nice to just chill by the pool and gently swing on the hammock. Do remember to bring along insect repellant, or you'll end up feeding the mozzies like me.  >___<

Time for an evening dip!

I managed to get hold of the highly popular floating bean bag!

The pool is magical at night, with their brilliantly-lit seats by the pool-side bar.

There are simply too many photo-worthy moments during this staycay.

Morning strolls by the quay is comfortably relaxing. 

Just look at the cyan-blue waters. :)

My pictures don't do justice to the full extent of W Hotel's beauty. I would say that it was one of the best staycations I've experienced. 

Thanks for making my 20th birthday a memorable and enjoyable one! 

W Singapore - Sentosa Cove
21 Ocean Way Sentosa, Singapore 098374

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