White Restaurant


When you see a queue in Singapore, drop everything and join the line!

Seasoned locals would reassure you that whenever there's a queue, the deals are bound to be good. 

The moment we saw the snaking queues in front of White Restaurant at Punggol Settlement, we immediately secured ourselves a spot in line. 

The restaurant's tagline is explanation enough. "The Original Sembawang White Bee Hoon". Yes, it's THE PLACE that sells the famous, delectable White Bee Hoon. 

The restaurant was fully air-conditioned, with an extended al fresco dining area, where you can enjoy the cooling sea breeze while having your meal. 

Though its environment is that of a restaurant, the prices of their dishes are comparable to a typical Coffee shop Tze Char stall's. 

What's a visit to White Restaurant if you didn't order their Signature White Bee Hoon?

The delicious springy bee hoon was cooked perfectly, with the gravy's rich taste infused into the noodles without making it seem too mushy. They were also generous with the prawns, squid slices and other ingredients. These added much colour to the entire dish. I would give it full marks with bonus points for both presentation and taste!

Their Hokkien Mee paled in comparison to the previous dish, for it was dry, bland and not exceptionally impressionable. 

The Seafood Fried Rice was amazing! It was the kind of 5-star fried rice with easily separated rice grains that are neither too hard nor too mushy. 

The Hot Plate Venison was sizzling when it arrived at our table. It sure didn't disappoint with its tender, succulent venison, tasty gravy and fragrant aroma.

When we ordered Sambal Sotong, we didn't expect it to be THAT spicy. Honestly speaking, I can tolerate spicy food pretty well, evident from my ability to down a full serving of Tom Yum Soup without breaking a sweat. However, I had to surrender to this red hot dish. My taste buds were literally burning after my first bite. Sure, the chewy sotong was awesome, but HELP, my tongue was on fire! Thank goodness for pre-ordered iced drinks.

The Baby White Vegetables stir-fried with garlic was a lovely dish. Crunchy and fresh veggies coupled with a clear and light broth proved it to be a hit around the table. 

The Homemade Fried Tofu was so sinfully tasty! The crunchiness of the outer layer complemented the soft, piping hot egg-y delight inside perfectly. OMNOMZ. This is definitely no plain tofu dish!

It was a pleasant dining experience at White Restaurant, what with their super affordable prices, efficient service and comfortable ambience. 

I would be back for their Signature White Bee Hoon again! I think they've just gained themselves another loyal fan. 

3 Punggol Point Road,
Singapore 828694

Lunch (11:30am to 2pm)
Dinner (5:30pm to 10pm)
Open daily
No Reservation on Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday

+65 6702 2002

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