SOD Cafe


A relatively new cafe on the block conveniently located in the heartlands, SOD Cafe's wallet-friendly prices and quality food make it the ideal place for students and working adults alike to wind down after a long tiring day.

Having walked past its darkly-tinted glass windows way too many times than I can keep count of, I've finally stepped foot into the cafe to try their food.

I love the cozy atmosphere in the cafe. Despite its small interior, it doesn't feel cramped at all. 

The fairy lights and strings of polaroids exuded a romantic homely vibe. 

Even their queue numbers were in the shape of artificial plants. The mini plant pots on the tables make perfect Instagram props.

Their menu comes with pictures, and the extensive range of sides, mains and desserts will leave you with a craving to order everything. 

SOD Milk Tea with Aloe Vera ($4.50). It was served in a flask, with the toppings in a small platter by the side. You can choose to have black pearls, white pearls or aloe vera. I liked how you get to decide the level of sweetness for your milk tea by adding the sugar syrup on your own. The milk tea has a minty taste, with a hint of camomile. It was a refreshing twist from the other typical milk teas that I've had. The dropper reminded me of A Level Chemistry experiments. Phenolphthalein Orange, anyone? Haha. 

Truffle Fries ($6.50) Where else can you find the perfectly fried, parmesan cheese-topped crispy truffle fries at such a budget price? It smelled heavenly, with the strong earthy fragrance of truffle, and tasted just as amazing. 

Glazed Chicken Wings ($7.50). Golden, glorious, crisply-coated chicken midwings with honey-lemon glaze. 

Charcoal Waffles with New York Cheesecake Ice-Cream ($7.50). It's a steal. With 4 generous slabs of crusty waffles, a scoop of ice-cream topped by whipped cream, and a side of maple syrup, there's no reason to skip this dessert. Though the waffles cannot match up to the likes of other famous cafes like Sunday Folks', it's still pretty decent for the price! On a side note, I had no idea that New York Cheesecake would make such a tasty ice-cream flavour.

With its friendly prices (nett charge without GST or service charges), free wifi, pleasant ambience and great service from their staff, I'll definitely be back for future visits (maybe even with a book in tow for mugging sessions). 

51 Hougang Ave 9
#01-03 Ci Yuan Community Centre
Singapore 538776
Tel: 6385 4026

Opening Hours:

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