Way too many twenty-firsts.


This year is destined to be a busy year. 

Almost all my friends are having their 21st birthdays in 2016, and given that it's a milestone, it's like an unspoken "bestie" code that I will have to start planning for their surprise parties. (Not that I'm complaining, of course. I'm honoured that they trust me enough to leave things in my hands.)

And so, I've taken on a new role in life. Post-CA2, I'm now a medical student by day, "Event Planner" by night. It's honestly quite fun googling for for party themes, venues, caterers, programmes and etc. I really hope the parties will turn out amazing. :)

Doug's birthday actually fell on the last day of our CA2, so nope, we didn't get to plan anything major for him. We could only have a belated outing. >__<


The first of us all to reach 21. Please be more psychologically mature too! HAHA. 

I have to say I'm blessed to have a rather nice, fun and accepting CG in my M1 & M2 years. Tutorials would always be filled with random pun-attempts, strange quips and totally unexpected hilarious moments. Though our foodie adventures take a really long time to actually materialise, at least we managed quite a few brunch/lunch sessions exploring some pretty good food places. Thanks for making my uni life a lot less dreary! :)

Here's a close-up of the totally unglam card we made Doug. Now the first thing he sees in the morning will be our faces. HAHA. Trust Jun to think of such eccentrically funny ideas.

Sorry for scarring you all with our KUZZZZZ expressions.

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