Feb updates


I am officially done with the academic (theoretical) part of M2! REJOICE~~~

To mark our 2-year milestone, we had a batch photo in LT 37 (not that the whole batch was present... but it was the BEST attendance yet.)

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about it. Strange enough, I don't exactly feel poignant. I didn't have as strong a sense of belonging to my House or my batch this year as compared to last year. Perhaps it's the fact that when most lectures are webcasted, we lose the motivation to turn up in school regularly to reconnect with our batch mates. I admit I did phantom quite a bit during M2, because I simply couldn't find reasons that would compel me to drag my lazy ass out of my house and go on an hour-plus journey to school. Also, it gets awkward when I start being the 5th wheel... >___<

While it's true that I know a lot of my batch mates, and I do wave and say hi to many of them when I see them around in school, it just bugs me that these are mostly shallow surface etiquette. Aside from a select few close friends in Med, I don't think I truly connected to the rest of them on an interpersonal, deep level beyond the basic "hi-byes" and photo-liking on Instagram. 

We did manage to take a House photo (missing 2 housemates... Why am I not surprised?)

Mon did a really good job as House Captain. It was a tough role, considering how unenthusiastic our house was, so it further complicates the planning of house events.

A proper take this time round.

House 4 CNY buffet party with M1s, M2s, M3s and Prof Samuel Tay.

At Mon's 21st birthday celebration with the gorgeous birthday girl! She's one of the housemates I'm closer to in Med. Really love her genuineness and sincerity. :) And she's a really strong and optimistic girl too!

Partial house 4 photo!

House 4!

Aren't the decorations simply gorgeous? *swoons*

Just yesterday, I met up with our Reverie '11 peeps, TE and Jana. :) I can't believe it's been 9 whole years of friendship. It seemed just like yesterday when we were still noob little Sec 1s struggling to ring the heavy bass bells, sneaking out of CCA self-pracs to buy ice-cream from the canteen, and laughing at one another's ridiculous electric blue eyeshadow before our performances.

Despite our tiring trice-weekly CCA practices, those were the best times I've ever had. 

Here's a blurry selfie! I couldn't resist taking a pic with the Christmas lights in the background. Haha.

We went on to watch Deadpool and we actually got stopped outside the cinema as the guard didn't think we could pass off as older than 18 year-olds. Should I be happy that I look young? XD

But honestly, it had so many sexual connotations, explicit scenes, and gore that I actually felt slightly uneasy watching those scenes. The action was really damn good though. Deadpool's smart-mouthing and witty retorts were the most amusing parts of the movie. 

It was a well-deserved break from mugging but I guess it's time for me to get back to the grind! I'll be posting more updates after my Pros in March!

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