Marinated Jellyfish Salad Recipe


A refreshing appetiser at most Chinese restaurants, the Marinated Jellyfish Salad is easy to prepare in the comforts of your home too! Now go and impress your dinner guests with this new dish!

(serves 5 - It is an appetiser, after all)
- 2 packs of jellyfish from any supermarket
- 2 cloves of garlic, finely minced
- Salt, vinegar, sugar, light soy sauce
- A few pieces of yellow chives
- Coriander

1. Drain jellyfish from packet and pour boiling water over it. Allow it to sit in the hot water for 1 minute to create the lovely crunchiness.
2. Remove jellyfish from hot water and let it cool in cold water. Drain.
3. In a plate, add in garlic, chopped yellow chives, salt, vinegar, light soy sauce and sugar.
4. Vary the amount of seasoning ingredients till you achieve the desired sour-salty-and-sweet taste.
5. Garnish and serve.

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