Pretty Pink 21st


It just happened that JZ and Jon have birthdays a few days apart, so the Rag/Playhouse gang decided on a combined surprise birthday celebration, right after they got back from their Taiwan exchange programme.

We had fantastic ideas, but practicality took over, changes happened and well, we had to simplify our plans. Nonetheless, the event still turned out pretty decently and it was a homely cozy gathering. :)

We arrived early to set up the lounge (spot the inappropriately arranged hairy monsters gifts tied to the pair of balloons. XD) In case you were wondering, no, we didn't get the theme wrong. It is supposed to be pretty, pink and gay. We scrapped the stripper segment. Nah, it was just a silly idea that we laughed off when JZ mentioned it.

Initially, we wanted a potluck. Greater food variety would make it more fun. Then, it turned out to be too troublesome and some of them just got pre-made/store-bought food. SIGHS. Just when I had been persuaded to hop off the "lazy" bandwagon to actually cook pasta instead of buying pizza.

The Chicken Mushroom & Sausages Linguine with Alfredo Sauce. I didn't just use the pre-made sauce, I added butter, milk, cheese, italian herbs and extra condiments to improve on the taste of the store-bought sauce. I'm glad they loved the pasta. :)

Talented Aru baked an amazingly gorgeous cake.

We "destroyed" its aesthetically-appealing appearance by shoving candles haphazardly all over its surface, as Aru looked on with a pained expression. It somewhat reminded me of a hedgehog. At least it's still kind of artistic, in a contemporary-artsy way.

The Rag/Playhouse family group photo. It somewhat seemed like an advertisement for Guesstures, the split-second charades game that we played during the party. HAHA.

It was supposed to be a Girls VS Guys game but we sucked super badly at the game (with us lagging by more than 20 points). Eventually, we gave up and sang Karaoke instead. 

Twas a crazily fun day with the best people! 

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