Sakae Sushi


ITADAKIMASU! いただきます!(Damn, it's been so long since I've typed Japanese I'm getting rusty.)

Weekday night Jap food cravings fulfilled at Sakae Sushi. They have 28 outlets all around Singapore so it's impossible not being able to find one in your region.

We were slightly bummed that we missed the all-you-can-eat buffet timing (not that it's THAT healthy exactly, considering the carbs from rice and all.)

Aburi Salmon Maki: $14.99

The torch-seared salmon layered on Japanese omelette and crabstick sushi rice roll was decent, but not quite impressionable. Perhaps I should try Standing Sushi Bar's maki someday. Apparently it's been getting rave reviews.

Beef Nabemono: $17.99

The beef slices were seriously MINIMAL. It was just a few paltry miserable pathetic slices floating around in the hotpot soup with assorted mushrooms and vegetables. The only plus point was that the soup broth tasted flavourful. That's all. -.-

Soft-shell crab temaki: $4.39
Ebi tempura temaki: $4.39

I'm glad the temaki standards didn't deviate too much from when I first tried Sakae eons ago (gosh I feel so old.) Soft-shelled crabs are my ultimate <3 at Jap restaurants.

Tenzaru: $13.99

It was my first time trying out chilled noodles and it was an interesting experience! Served with dipping sauce, crispy battered prawns and assorted vegetables, the noodles negated the oiliness of the fried food. 


Rokushu Sashimi Moriawase: $39.99
6 varieties of chef's selection.

Guess I'm not a fan of their type of sashimi. I didn't like the mushiness of the dark coloured slabs (I have no idea what species of fish it was from) and the rest of the sashimi slices just didn't exactly match up to my expectations. 

Chicken Katsu Don: $12.99

Crispy breaded chicken cutlet with egg and onions drizzled on pearl rice. Average. 'Nuff said.

There wasn't many customers around that night so we were served pretty quickly, but the quality of food was just mehhhhh. I don't think I'll be going back again anytime soon. :(

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