Welcome to the family, Mr Steth (I suck at naming, so please bear with the unoriginal name) - my brand-new Litmann Cardiology III stethoscope!

There we go, 2 tuning forks, 2 tendon tappers, a stethoscope, and 2 pen torches. That's about the most essential stuff I've purchased from the Medical Instruments Fair. 

I can barely wait for our clinicals to start! Haha. I must be the only weird one so eager to experience the nerve-wracking, hardcore, running-all-around-the-wards-without-meal-breaks life. But seriously, I think it's better learning under stress. Look at my M2 life, it's just webcasting lectures and patient simulation exercises... Nothing beats going out there to see real-life examples and interactions in the wards, right?

I couldn't resist posting another close-up of my gorgeous, sleek steth. My name's even engraved on the back of the diaphragm! (It can't be seen in this photo.)

Soon, one last week of lectures, and we'll be off to prepare for our 2nd MBBS theory exams! After our Promotional Exams, we'll have a week of procedural skills training before we get posted for a month of clinicals, followed by one last practical exam, and we'll be done with M2!

Before I get overly carried away by my excitement, first things first. I should really start mugging for my pros for the sheer amount of content is crazy. What is Chinese New Year break for us med school students?  NAH. It's just another mug-fest. #holidays可以吃的吗?

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