March Mayhem


March - An intense month of learning new skills, transitioning from the pre-clinical to clinical state, and dealing with my own emotional whirlwind.

Immediately after Pros, we were hurled into a busy week of Procedural skills.

Suturing workshops. Phlebotomy lessons. IV cannula insertion tutorials. Catheterisation tutorials. Intramuscular injections. Subcutaneous injections.

Amidst all these work, I managed to find time for almost-daily jogs for I've found myself a jogging buddy, Sharms!

Jogging with her along the PCN is always enjoyable, despite the fact that I might end up panting madly, sweating buckets, with stitches by my sides, and feeling half-dead. She pushes me to my limits and we've been clocking at least 8km per jog. :) One advantage to jogging outdoors instead of gymming is the beautiful sunset and scenery that we always get to see. Hopefully we'll both continue motivating each other and become fitspos by the time M3 starts.

For the first time ever, I went for an art fair at *SCAPE. Am I artsy yet? HAHA. Stef told me about the Starving Artists' Fair and asked me to join her. I thought it sounded pretty cool and invited J along too. It wasn't what I had in mind... It was on a pretty small-scale and when J and I entered some comic-drawing workshop, it ended 5 minutes right after we joined. -.- AH WELL. At least I managed to get some cute stickers to decorate my lappie with. :) 

Since Stef wasn't here yet, we got pretty bored and it was getting awkward... So I suggested heading to ION to check out the Level 4 Art Gallery.

The paintings were so Chinese-y. They were beautiful but I felt awfully illiterate then because I couldn't quite recognise all the words and derive the poetic meanings behind the illustrations. T_T

A pity ION Sky was closed to a private event that day, so we just wandered around the area and htht-ed, for lack of more interesting activities. 

We finally had a full CG photo on Sherlyn's birthday, during our CSFP.

SGH is the #1 hospital for postings. EVER. Besides amazing welfare and delicious food areas around, the best about it all is that the tutors that we've met so far are brilliant and nice. Another plus point to interesting patient cases and the fact that Celline (my counsellor) is in SGH too. She's ever-willing to bring us around wards to look at cases, give us tutorials, impart to us words of wisdom.

Blisse at Academia serves pretty decent Western food set lunches too.

Just look at that humongous monstrosity of the chicken leg! HAHA. Yay to student/staff discounts! :)

At this rate we're going, our whole CG is down the path to metabolic syndrome. UHOH. XD

Much love for m3dsku2ez though. Looking forward to the next 3 years of craziness with this bunch! 

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