I Survived!


I'm back! Drained, battered, but most importantly, STILL ALIVE.

I can now proclaim myself the proud survivor of the toughest 2 months in my life (up till now) - I have conquered the theoretical part of my 2nd M.B.B.S.

The days leading up to the exams were hellish. Eat. Sleep. Mug. Repeat. Even as I ate, Shan and Joy, my study buddies, would be grilling me on the virulence factors of bacteria, detection methodology and clinical symptoms of the various diseases. Thoughts of studying filled my mind and I had even dreamt of reading through my notes. Why can't schoolwork leave me alone as I slept? It invaded my subconsciousness too! :O

That was me, exactly a week before Pros, when studying had finally gone to my head and I went nuts, pretending to be a tree out there under the sun. (On a side note, the Law Campus is really pretty and it's an amazing mugging spot. But it's a little hard explaining to law friends why I keep hanging around their campus and invading their study spaces. TEEHEE.)

I'm immensely glad I've had Shan and Joy as study buddies. It's nice to know that we're all in the same boat, struggling to stay afloat. They guilt tripped me into being productive and not to procrastinate. If not for them, I suppose I would be constantly distracted by my phone and wouldn't be able to complete mugging in time.

Ting En dropped by on certain days after her lessons to encourage us too. :')

My counsellee, Dilys, came to mug with us one day. :)

Pros wasn't spectacularly done, nor was it too bad. When the questions on river blindness, flukes and parasites came out, I could tell most of us were resigned to our fates... Why would our profs even test us on such esoteric, clinically irrelevant topics? SIGHS.

Post-pros, we went on a 1/3 House 4 movie outing to watch Zootopia! Surprisingly, the animated kids' movie was rather deep and inspirational. 

In addition, the plot actually drew parallels with the instigation of fear, suspicion and human reactions of terrorism attacks in real life. I was so mindblown. 

House 4 photo

We couldn't resist posing with the cut-out poster at the bus interchange.

After our movie, we had a hobo-star-gazing session on Jem's rooftop, and made up our own code words along the way as we chatted. Don't ask what's "Ding Tai Fung" or "Rifampicin" - the truth will scar you forever. HAHA. 

1 more month of procedural skills + CSFP Clinicals at SGH + 1 last practical exam, before we're 40% done with Med school and 100% done with M2! Can't wait to start using Mr Steth! 

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