Menya Musashi


Menya Musashi, a household name in Japan, has 5 outlets in Singapore, but I've never actually went to one of their restaurants before today. Now that the hype over their ramen has died down, it's finally time for us to visit them, minus the long queues and tedious waiting times.

The branch that we went to, Menya at Westgate, was a rather small place tucked in a corner on the second floor, easily missed if you weren't specifically looking for it.

Menya's well-known for their classic "White" ramen, served with a rich tonkatsu broth. Besides that, customers could also try their spicy "Red" ramen, or their garlic-and-onions-flavoured "Black" ramen. Choice of noodles could be thick or thin, and there is even an option of "dry style ramen", where customers with voracious appetites (or carb loading) can opt up to 5 times the noodle portions, with the soup base and ramen served separately.

Free flow of tea is provided (included under their service charge) and you can even request for a bib if you're a messy eater and you're worried that you'll stain your pristine white top.

I ordered a White Kakuni Ramen with thick noodles at $14.90.

The best part of their ramen would be the onset egg, with the yolk cooked to the perfect consistency, neither too dry nor watery. Their soft and springy ramen sure didn't disappoint. The kakuki (braised pork belly) was tasty but probably a little too tough for my liking. The only other bummer would be their broth, which wasn't as flavourful and thick as I had expected it to be. Yoshimaru Ramen Bar's tonkatsu broth tasted better than this. 

Though their service was prompt and the staff were mostly pleasant, the overall taste of the ramen didn't quite match my expectations, especially after hearing so many others rave about its taste. Would I go back again for a bowl of $18 ramen (after GST and service charge)? Likely not. 

3 Gateway Drive #02-07

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