As cliched as it may sound, time flies. 

With the end of CSFP week, my M2 year officially draws to a close. Till now, I still can't wrap my head around the fact that I'm already 40% done with med school. WOW. 

I remember having mini panic attacks every single time I received an email from the school last Friday (the Profs told us that emails would be sent out to those who had to take Supps). Both Stef and Shan had to constantly reassure me that I was perfectly safe (what they meant was, I was such a hardcore mugger it would be ridiculous if I screwed up. HAHA) and should stop freaking out. Can the school just quit scaring us with false alarms and emails with subjects titled as "M2 Exams"? My poor heart can't take it at all. 

CSFP was surprisingly fun despite our intense tutorials, seniors' teachings and self-practises. SGH is really one of the best teaching hospitals around with amazing welfare, interesting cases and great tutors. 

We were lucky to have gotten two of the nicest tutors for Gen Surg, Dr Sue Zann and Dr Yong Wei. Both of them were so sweet to our CG and they really put in a lot of effort for tutorials to ensure that we actually learn useful things. Even after our GS posting, they offered to meet up with us to help us out. 

I feel so blessed to have found a home in my CG too! :) It's heartening to find friends who share the same appreciation for lame nerdy jokes and puns, who don't mind your suan-ing, and who share the same love for food! The next 3 years will definitely be exciting with this lovely crazy smart bunch! 

Holidays = no excuses to not get active. I managed to find a few friends who love the outdoors as much as I do and we now call ourselves the "fitspos". XD

We went rock-climbing and bouldering at On Sight, and it was a super cool experience. Despite feeling like shit the next day with aching arm muscles, I would still love to go for more climbing sessions.

Before then, I didn't know of the existence of indoor climbing gyms. I was supposed to stick to the Yellow route but my arm muscles protested like mad when I was halfway up the wall. (Technically I brought this upon myself as I trained too hard for HIIT Tabata a day before our climbing session. My muscles weren't working at 100% functionality that day.) I wanted Sharms to belay me down but she told me she wouldn't till I scaled the full height. :O OHMYTYRANT. HAHA. I had no choice but to "rainbow" the rest of the way. Too shagged. I joked that my power was only a plus three after the climbs and they could observe tremors already.

Sharms is such a pro climber! 

The easy bouldering wall for noobie beginners like me. I tried quite a few routes but somehow managed to skin my finger (at the DIP of my middle finger on my left hand) in the last hour of our climbing session. The rocks there are quite rough and I should have asked my friend to lend me some tape for protecting my fingers. It hurts damn badly. :(

Since we couldn't rock climb again anytime soon, we went on our adventure to conquer Punggol Waterway on bikes. 

Every single trip to Coney Island deserves a symbolic picture in front of the famous gates.

We had an unplanned paired matching shirt combi that day. How coincidental is that? 

I managed to snap a picture of the gorgeous sunset. Don't snapchat and cycle like I did. It's reckless and dangerous. I swear it was a once-off thing for me.

Coney is like Singapore's own version of Nami Island. We didn't manage to spot the Coney cow though.

Perfect place for meditating or doing yoga. Simply listening to the soft lapping of waves and feeling the salty sea breeze is a pleasure in itself.

I was being lame and making childish poses when I went Coney with Sharms again on another day.


Act 一个 hipster. 

Post-cycling, we went for dinner at the famous White Restaurant for their signature Sembawang White Bee Hoon.

OMNOMZ. Homemade fried tofu was delish too!

I suppose we ordered a little too much for 4 people and we couldn't finish it all. The staff did mention that the "Large" portion for Bee Hoon was meant for 3-4 pax but I guess us girls can't eat that much. 

On the route back, Sharm's bike's back tyre got punctured so we had an unplanned "biathlon" instead, where we walked part of the long journey back, pushing our bikes along to keep pace with her. It was an awfully exciting adventure though. At least the night stroll helped rid our calories from dinner. Our warped logic was to cycle to get fit, then not feel guilty when we eat to get fat. HAHA. Essentially that's a zero-sum game.

So hyped for more adventures with them next week! :)

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