Cinnamon Walnut Cookies Recipe


Strong but unobtrusive. Sweet but not sickening. Spicy but not uncomfortably so.

The lovely scent of cinnamon reminds me of the comforts of sinking into a nice armchair with a mug of hot chocolate and a plate of cookies within arm's reach, listening to the soft pattering of rain on the window panes and immersing myself in the fictional world of a well-worn paperback.

My batch of Cinnamon Walnut cookies proved to be so popular among friends and family that 3 jars were swept up within 3 days. :)

- 1 cup of walnuts, crushed
- 230g plain flour
- 1 teaspoonful baking powder
- 0.5 teaspoonful of salt
- 240g unsalted butter
- 200g white sugar
- 1 egg
- 2 teaspoonfuls of cinnamon powder
- 2 tablespoonfuls of honey


1. Melt the butter. Gently mix in the ingredients into a large mixing bowl gradually and knead till a dough is formed.

2. Preheat oven to around 180 degrees Celsius.

3. Shape cookie dough into balls and place it on the tin pan to bake in oven for 10 minutes

4. Remove baked cookies to cool.

5. Serve.

The amazing batch #1.

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