Strangers Reunion


"From Syringes (Strangers) to Friends..." 
 - #qotd from m3dsku2ez, aka, CG32 of Batch 2019

To mark our survival of our very first 2-week General Surgery posting at SGH, the CG decided to have a leisurely lunch at Strangers Reunion.

With a dimly-lit interior and furniture with brown undertones, it's a perfectly Instagrammable cafe that exudes hipster vibes. 

The table decor also make for perfect backdrops/ flatlays for pictures.

Being a devout fan of all-day breakfasts, no surprises there when I honed in straight onto that page on the menu and ordered a Freshly Shaved Prosciutto Benedict ($19.90).

The poached eggs were done just the way I preferred them to be. Runny, smooth and drizzled with a generous topping of hollandaise. The slow ooze of the warm liquid yolk once you cut into the egg... PERFECT. I thought the hollandaise would have done much better if the flavour wasn't this subtle, but I guess it's meant to complement the strong taste of the chutney and prosciutto. The spicy eggplant chutney was unique. It somehow reminded me of the sour plums that pregnant ladies always have a craving for. It added much zest to the otherwise bland walnut bread (honestly, of all cafes I've visited so far, bread yard's breads are the most memorable.)

As for the prosciutto, let's just say I didn't quite like it. If you're wondering what's that cheem, atas-sounding word, it's basically raw cured ham. Sure, it was sliced well and thin, but the buttery smoky salted taste was too strong for my liking. I'd figured it's safer for me to stick to raw seafood than raw meats. 

Thank goodness for the refreshing crunchy baby spinach, for it helped me wash down the curious aftertaste of the prosciutto. 

Among us, we shared an order of Truffle fries ($12.90) with freshly grated truffles, truffle aioli and parmesan. The moment the bowl was set down on the table, there was this overwhelming earthy fragrance of truffles. Crispy truffle fries + garlic mayo dip makes for the best combination ever. I'll have to say that their truffle fries are definitely on point. 

I nicked a bit of Sherlyn's Buttermilk waffles with Milo crumble and rum caramelised bananas and it was simply divine! Perhaps they do a lot better with their waffles than their all-day breakfast sets. 

All prices are inclusive of GST, so there's only an additional service charge of 10%. Water is provided on all tables and service is pretty decent. Would I return? Yes, for their fries and waffles.

Strangers' Reunion
35 Kampong Bahru Rd, 169356
6222 4869
Open Wed-Mon, 9am-10pm. 
Closed on Tuesdays

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