Dairy Farm Nature Park and Singapore Quarry


After being cooped up at research for most of my holidays, I was aching to leave the dreary office for some outdoor exploration. Post-research outing at Dairy Farm Nature Park (and Singapore Quarry)? I'm in!

So Stef, Howard, Greg and I went exploring like excited little kids. As we were all navigational noobs, we ended up straying into a mountain biking trail and got hollered at by huge cranky angmoh bikers on the narrow trail. No wonder the trail was so hard to navigate, steep and rocky.

Halfway through, we were all thinking of what would happen if we slipped and rolled downhill. Yeah, we totally forgot that all 4 of us are med students and BCLS certified. HAHA.

We stumbled around for quite a while longer (and ogled at monitor lizards along the way), before we finally found a proper foot trail.

We went "crashing" through the undergrowth (sorry, stealth is not my specialty) and fed some mozzies before we finally reached the viewing platform at the Singapore Quarry.

The view was gorgeous. It was so serene and zen it is a perfect yoga/meditation spot!

Thank goodness the weather was favourable and it was pretty empty on a weekday evening, so we sat on the platform for hthts (Stef and I had a pleasant girly bonding chat session while the guys chatted at the back.)

The wetland was abundant with fishes and we even saw a terrapin surfacing to bask in the sun. For once, I felt at one with nature, with the chirps of birds and soft rippling of the water in the background. While zen-ing, we were interrupted by some weird cackling (of some random bird species, I think) across the water and they sounded like evil HEHEHEs. We couldn't help but crack up at our hilarious attempts at describing the sounds. 

We were supposed to trek for a longer period but we were all lazy bums, so we gave up and made our way back to the carpark. >.< 

Along the way back, we found the famous tunnel (part of the mountain biking trail) featured in thesmartlocal. As we were on the road above the tunnel, we did a completely rabak and yolo thing. We slid down the steep slope leading down, explored the tunnel a little, and clambered back up to the road again. The tunnel was eery in dusk, and it somewhat reminded me of where dementors would lurk. Howard quipped that it would be the perfect location shot in a zombie apocalypse movie. I guess we were all thankful that we didn't injure ourselves in the process of doing such a stunt. 

We didn't manage to take a group photo as we realised it too late... and we were the only few people on the viewing platform.

Still, it was a fun outing and here's one more place off my hiking trail checklist! :) 

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