May. Art. Catch-ups. Cooks.


While rummaging through my cupboard one fine day, I found 3 boxes of half-used watercolours and 1 more brand new box. I figured that it would be a pity to let those vibrant colours go to waste, so why not play around with them? 

That was when I discovered a newfound "talent". I can do pretty decent watercoloring! :)

Not bad for a virgin attempt, I would say. These are now proudly pinned onto my cork board in my room. HAHA.

I tried doing typography on pastel watercolour backgrounds but I don't think it's that amazing. Anyway, I personalised one for each of my baes based on their insta bios. Personally I thought Chen Ting's was my best attempt. 

LOTR fan art request by Jana, and I did it... since I'm such a nice friend. 

There, this was purely to satisfy my Potterhead side. Eventually I'm going to get a frame to frame it up. It's just pinned to my bedroom wall right now (for lack of a better display frame). It would have been so much more aesthetically appealing if I could have done better typography. :(

Holidays are the only time I get to catch up with the babes. With the exception of Stef, whom I see pretty often since we're from the same faculty, it's so hard to find a date when the majority of our JC clique is free! LKCMed operates on a totally different schedule so poor Jes has been missing out on our past few outings. >_< She's still missing from this outing (and busy mugging for her upcoming exams.)

Reminiscing our JC days, and finally drinking our fav teh peng and eating the apple bread from the RJ canteen. We would have eaten at Haw's Kitchen, if we haven't already had all-you-can-eat-buffet mookata lunch at Charcoal Thai. (OH, I used the eatigo app to reserve and got 50% off, so our meal totalled up to around 10 bucks per pax. Super value-for-money.) Anyway, I digressed. 

Seeing all the JC kids in their school uniforms reminded us of how old we were. *sobbles* 老了

Also, despite the watermelon steps being an iconic picture-taking location, I can't believe we only managed to take a proper photo there 3 years post-graduation, as J5s. 

As we were playing Cards Against Humanity in the foyer (HAHA I know it's inappropriate playing such a game in an institute of learning), we spotted Mrs Kwie, our civics tutor. She remembered our faces! WOAH. She smiled awkwardly at us and came over to chat. *SHH. Flip over the cards, guys, NOW!*

We had our first 2016 JC class gathering at Jai Thai. Attendance was 1/3 of our original class but I guess it's impressive enough, considering so many of them went MIA-ing after NS started and the few enthu ones are studying overseas currently. It was still an entertaining catchup session, listening to their overseas exchange experiences and relief-teaching stories.

Let's hope the meet-up tradition continues and the numbers don't shrink... HAHA.

Whenever I have holidays with way too much time to spare, I simply can't help tinkering around in the kitchen. If I'm too lazy to head out to cafes, I would just make my own cafe-worthy brunch. TADAAA~

And it's all done within 15 minutes. Gordon Ramsay would be proud. HEH. XD

Academics-wise activities would solely be research... and pre-M3 readings. Research ate up most of my hols so any mention of it will inevitably end up with me ranting about how some other dude published the exact same topic that we were supposed to do our research on, so right now we have to change our focus again. FML. Better end this post before it becomes yet another rant session.

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