Old Chengdu Sichuan Cuisine Restaurant


How do you know when you're in love with spicy food?
When you reach second basil. 
You've not mastered the art of eating spicy food if you've never tried Sichuan food. Feeling adventurous, my family decided to challenge our taste buds to a spicy feast.

Old Chengdu Sichuan Cuisine Restaurant is conveniently located right outside the Chinatown MRT exit.

If you prefer a more private meal, you could always request to dine on the second floor. 

As we are not especially tolerant of spicy food (speaking from experience, my GI tract really cannot stand extreme spiciness), we decided to play it safe and order only a few spicy dishes. 

Stir-fried prawns with garlic and black fungus. Succulent, juicy and tender. Those prawns were the freshest prawns I've ever had in a long long time.

Stir-fried veggies with garlic. I'm amazed at the freshness and crispness of their vegetables. Where do they even import their food from? Yumz.

Their cumin sliced pork was tender with the perfect blend of spices that was neither too overpowering nor unbearably spicy. It was a great appetite-booster.

Yangzhou fried rice. The grains were easily separated and it was flavourful enough such that it could still hold its ground amidst the stronger-tasting dishes.

Sichuan spicy fish. Those were the most amazingly delicious and soft fish fillets that literally melt in your mouth. The thick layer of oil was slightly off-putting but the taste more than made up for the guilty pleasure. Please don't eat the spices though, or you'll be busy rinsing your mouth with iced water. 

Fried dumplings were average. Dry, non-juicy and non-crispy. I wasted precious "stomach space" on them. SIGHS.

The xiao long baos looked really good, but I suppose that's all could be said. Thick skin, dry fillings - there wasn't even the much-anticipated squirt of piping hot juice when bitten into the skin of the baos.

See the sticky dryness? URGH. Ding Tai Fung/Crystal Jade's definitely better than theirs.

It was a decent dinner overall, with prompt service and friendly staff who were enthusiastic in introducing their recommended dishes. However, price-wise, it was slightly expensive. It was a unique experience, though I don't think I will made a trip to Chinatown specially for their food. I wouldn't mind dropping by if I was around the area.

Old Chengdu Sichuan Cuisine
80/82 Pagoda St. 
Singapore 059239
Tel: 6222 6858

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