Future World at ArtScience Museum


The most instagram-famous location in Singapore right now is definitely the Future World exhibition at ArtScience Museum.

The permanent exhibition consist of 15 major art installations and interactive projects, all revolving around the theme of how art and science, technology and culture meets.

Owing to the exhibition's popularity, it is impossible to get tickets on the spot, so our best bet would be to order online, at $11 per ticket (Student price). With each ticket, we can redeem a free bottled drink from the ArtScience Museum Gift Shop. 

Even with regulated timings for entrance to the exhibition, we still had to queue for about 40 minutes before we managed to enter. That was when I tried taking some artsy-fartsy photographs outside.


The exhibition was divided into 4 areas, namely Nature, Town, Park and Space. 


Flowers and People, Cannot be Controlled but Live Together - A Whole Year per Year

Ever Blossoming Life II - A Whole Year per Year, Dark

Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders

I have to sheepishly say that I didn't quite get the meaning behind this exhibit (probably since I did not read the description). It was too dark to take any nice photos and there were simply too many people we promptly went to the next room. 

100 Years Sea Animation Diorama

It was like a zen movie-theatre experience, with beanbags strewn on the floor for you to lie on. Perfect for coupley-dates. ;) The animation shows global warming and rising sea levels over time, and it was pretty self-explanatory.


Sketch Town Paper Craft

Here is where we unleash our inner kiddy self and draw ridiculous-looking UFOs with crayons. Check out our masterpieces (Stef's was the cat UFO, mine had the alien, and Chen Ting's was the pastel UFO). After we were done with our artworks, we could scan them into the system and they would appear on the huge screen beside.

The other two exhibits were more for little children, so we didn't spend too much time there.

Media Block Chair

The vibrant colours are so pretty I couldn't resist taking a photo here! We would have used the blocks to build ourselves a grand throne but lil kids were having fun making their own blocky buildings, so we didn't want to be big mean bullies and deprive them of their fun. 


Universe of Water Particles

This background is perfect for a yoga pose but the queues for photos here were super long, and I didn't want to be a burden to others, so I gave up on my pose and settled for a mundane one instead. 

It's really brighter than my immediate future. M3... SIGHS. 

Light Ball Orchestra

It's amazingly cute at how the tiny children just barely taller than the lighted balls run after the balls in the play area. AWWWWW


 Gorgeous dreamy light trails...

Crystal Universe

This was the most crowded exhibition by far and it was close to impossible to take a photo without bumping into some other person on your left or right. We gave up on waiting for the lights to turn to a brilliant white and settled for a selfie instead. We did try heading into the exhibit for a second time but our smiles looked so awkward, especially since the staff were rushing us all to exit and stop holding up the queue while we were trying to pose. 

If you are not one who would take 50+ photos at a location to try to pick out the best picture, then you would be able to finish the exhibition within an hour, tops. 

It was liberating to be finally free from the crowds when we were outside the ArtScience Museum.

It was a cool experience, but I suppose one visit to the exhibition is enough. Just remember to prepare enough memory space in your phones/cameras for spamming photos. 

ArtScience Museum
Marina Bay Sands
Opens 10am - 7pm daily

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