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Ichiban Sushi is my family's go-to Japanese restaurant for affordable, fuss-free and pleasant dining. (Our frequent visits are also partly due to their loyalty rewards which entitles you to different redemptions for every stamp you get on their loyalty card.)

Their popularity is evident from the long snaking queues at their shopfront during mealtimes. From past experiences, their set meals have humongous portions, so we're sharing 4 sets among 5 of us, and I got a bit from every single set. 

What's a Japanese meal without sashimi? :)

We ordered a Sashimi Miyagi ($29.90), with salmon, yellowtail, swordfish, sweet shrimps and octopus. Their tuna ran out for the day, so it was replaced by another portion of salmon sashimi. The sashimi was delightfully fresh and I loved the chewy texture of the octopus slices. The swordfish and yellowtail had a fishier taste so nahhhh, I'd rather stick to salmon. The shrimps had a slight saccharine taste and I was craving for more. Too bad they only had 3 shrimps in a set. 

Iza Teriyaki Gozen ($19.90). Their squid with teriyaki sauce was slightly bland, maybe since the squid wasn't marinated for a sufficient time. The prawn and assorted vegetable tempura on scrambled egg mini rice bowl was pretty decent, but the "scrambled eggs" description was quite a misnomer. It was more like a fried-sunny-side-up. I felt particularly healthy eating the roasted pork salad with black pepper mayonnaise dressing but to be honest, I thought that the pork was tuna initially. HAHA so noob. 

Tori Maru Cheese Wazen ($17.90) . Soft shelled crab is my main love! Anything with soft shelled crab tempura immediately gets bonus points from me. True enough, it was delicious, with the perfect crunchy exterior and soft flesh. The chicken with assorted mushroom and cheese was also rather tasty (that's the cheese-lover in me speaking), though I would have preferred them to be more generous with the cheese.

Beef Misoyaki Gozen ($19.90). It's like a fusion of Western cuisine with Japanese food. If you're craving for beef steak, but also in the mood for Japanese dons, then this is perfect! Their beef steak in sweet sauce with onions, potatoes and carrots was done to the ideal degree of doneness. Just look at that pink tinge! The side of fried squid served with mayonnaise reminded me of Taiwan's street food. All these were accompanied by a mini rice bowl with assorted mushrooms and scrambled egg, chawanmushi, miso soup and fruit. 

Garlic Chicken Wazen ($15.90). Now this is quite a good all-in-one deal, with garlic chicken, fried beancurd with sauce, salmon sashimi, rice, miso soup and fruit. The only downside was that it was kind of dry, and the garlic chicken sauce was too salty.

Overall, the entire dining experience at Ichiban Sushi was enjoyable and yes, we will be back again. They do have many other branches island-wide but we're sticking for AMK Hub for the time being.

AMK Hub 
#02-01, 53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3
Singapore 569933
Tel: +65 6555 1617

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