Out of the Chinese restaurants that I have been to, none had pulled off dishes that exudes the simple, homely vibes as well as PuTien. PuTien is famous for their Heng Hwa cuisine, a subcategory of Chinese cuisine that originated from the Fu Jian province in China, and has its distinct style of creating delicious dishes with basic and fresh ingredients.

For starters, we ordered Pine Nuts with Spinach, a petite-looking refreshing dish that made me feel exceptionally healthy.

Spinach with Salted Egg and Century Egg in Supreme Stock came right after. Having had the exact same dish at almost every other Chinese restaurant and Tze Char stall, I would have to say that Pu Tien's rendition is the BEST. Hands-down. The Chinese spinach, stewed in flavourful supreme stock, was soft and fresh. Even the rich, molten chunks of salted egg yolk can be tasted in the broth. YUMZ.

Homemade beancurd was such a delightful dish! Silky, smooth and savoury, it felt like it literally melted in my mouth. 

Stir-fried yam was basically yam cubes with a crisp exterior and a warm mushy core, and a slight hint of sweetness. Don't be put off by the oily appearance. It makes every single calorie worth it.

PuTien Sweet and Sour Pork with Lychees was a delightful dish. Despite being deep fried, the meat still retained its tenderness on the inside. Couple that with a sweet and sour sauce with lychee undertones, and you have an amazingly delectable dish.

There is one dish that you never ever miss out on when you visit PuTien. Similar to how Chilli Crab and fried buns are unique to seafood restaurants in Singapore, the Shredded Meat with Buns is signature to PuTien.

Just look at how the handmade sesame buns are deep-fried to a gorgeous golden-brown! 

In case you're worried that it would be a messy affair, fret not. Pu Tien had thoughtfully provided us with disposable gloves so that it would be convenient for us to slide in the sliced pork into the buns. Now there's nothing to keep you from spamming the buns with succulent tasty meat and sweet onions. 

One other recommended dish in PuTien would be their Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon. As we were dining with a few friends who were vegetarians, we requested for the Bee Hoon to be cooked in a vegetarian-style. Kudos to the staff who accommodated our request.

The Bee Hoon is fine, silky and chewy. The original dish would have been much more tastier, with a milky stock of pork bones and old hens (we had tried the original dish before on our previous visits) but due to our current request, the stock was removed from our dish. That resulted in our vermicelli being exceedingly dry. Thank goodness for the small jar of PuTien's signature freshly-made chilli mixture which helped spiced up the dish. It's definitely safer to stick with their original, non-modified dish in future.

Overall, I would say that PuTien has fantastic service with affordable and tasty dishes (just don't stray from their recommended menu and add your own modifications), and we would still be back in future for family meals.

*Upon spending $100 and above, you would be entitled to a free membership card that would grant you discounts on your birthday month and wedding anniversary month. Loyalty points are awarded too. 

PuTien Vivocity 
1 Harbourfront Walk, #02-131/132
Singapore 098585

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