Taiwan | Part 3


Hualien, a gorgeous city by the sea, is famed for its Pebble Beach and Taroko Gorge National Park.  Due to its relative seclusion, you would definitely need your own transport to get around the area. 

Pebble Beach (七星潭) is a splendid beauty, with vast expansive views of the sea, sky and mountains.   True to its name, the beach is filled with pebbles instead of sand. 

It would definitely be a novel experience to build pebble towers in place of sandcastles here. 

I didn't wander too far out onto the beach as I was already feeling roasted under the merciless sun. Perhaps it wasn't a good idea to go exploring the beach in the morning. :(

Our next stop was the Taroko Gorge National Park. Hualien is one of the biggest marble producers in the world, and Taroko Gorge is literally filled with deep marble canyons. Our tour guide joked that you could take the unpolished marble home, provided that you could carry it in the first place. 

Suspension bridges, marbled canyon walls and cyan waters. It looked like it came straight out of a Nat Geo postcard.

Flyaway hair and cooling mountain winds. I could spend hours there on my own. 

We entered the Swallow's Grotto to get to viewing platforms with better vantage points but we had to wear helmets during the trail as mini pebbles might fall from the mountain tops. It was said that a small pebble falling from the top would have the same acceleration and force as a bullet. 

The winding roads for vehicles in the park was so narrow I freaked out when our coach tried to reverse to drive back the way that we had came. The end of the bus was literally hanging out of the road, dangling over empty air, with a sheer 20-meter-or-so drop to the bottom of the canyon. Kudos to our bus driver's mad skills though.

長春祠 (Eternal Spring Shrine) was built in the Tang Dynasty's architectural style. Perched right above the spot where natural spring water flows down to the Liwu River, everything about it is picture-perfect.

Jumping onto the #followmeto bandwagon.

Stunning architecture with a bright bold colour. I recently realised that I have a thing for symmetry.

We went on to Rui Shuei JJ Valley Farm. 

Mehmeh loves me! Or does he only like the grass in my hands? Hmmm. He was so enthusiastic when he saw me (with the grass) that he placed his hooves onto the fence just to lean over.

Cute little donkey with the innocent eyes. It's so furry <3

The donkey's not as shy as compared to the white pony. Besides these farm animals, they also had cows, peacocks, chickens, and even an emu!

In their souvenir shop, they had milk candy made from milk freshly produced by their cows. The bottles looked so cute I couldn't resist buying the coffee-flavoured one. It tasted pretty decent too. 

I went on to buy their fresh milk ice-cream but I guess it was too milky for me. If you're a major fan of Meiji's fresh milk or those Hokkaido fresh milk, then you'll love it. 

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